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Centerbase Selects Ootbi by Object First as Primary Backup Solution for Veeam Storage

To reinforce data protection strategy

Business challenge summary
Centerbase LLC is a cloud-based personalized platform that aids in managing and growing law firms, focusing on firm management, firm and client operations, and marketing.


It faced a critical business challenge in minimizing downtime costs and enhancing data recovery efficiency.

With the Ponemon Institute highlighting an average downtime cost of $9,000 per minute and ransomware threats projecting a potential $265 billion annual cost by 2031, Centerbase needed to maintain the integrity of their DR plan by implementing an immutable backup appliance.

Region: North America (Midwest)
Industry: Legal Tech
Solution: Ootbi by Object First

Results summary:

  • RPO reduced by 50% (from 8 hours to 4 hours)
  • The introduction of an on-prem immutable solution allowed for secure and recoverable backups
  • A storage device that delivers faster, more powerful backup speeds

Business challenge
When it comes to protecting backups, speed is everything, and downtime can be costly. A strategic recovery plan is crucial to maintain integrity and avoid disastrous consequences. According to the Ponemon Institute, the average cost of one minute of downtime is $9,000, making the cost per hour over $500,000. Organizations like Centerbase, a cloud-based legal practice management solution, understand the importance of reducing time after an outage or disaster.

Centerbase’s most significant concern regarding backup challenges was reducing their restore time from their immutable cloud repository. They needed a solution that could: “bring down our RTO and RPO,” according to Centerbase’s director of IT, Zach Young.

With ransomware on the rise, business implications are steep, and solidifying a DR plan is vital. According to an Astra article: “Ransomware is expected to cost its victims around $265 billion annually by 2031.” To mitigate financial damages from ransomware attacks, Centerbase needed to ensure their backups were protected with an immutable solution that guaranteed powerful backup speeds and an overall reduction in RTO and RPO.

Less downtime means less data lost, which is why Centerbase chose Ootbi by Object First as their primary backup solution for their Veeam storage.

Young says: “Ootbi performs close to the theoretical limits of our network speed, which is splendid.

According to him, Centerbase chose Ootbi over other options in the market for 2 key reasons: “Immutability in my cabinet and ease of use and installation with Veeam integration.” Ootbi’s out-of-the-box immutability is critical for ensuring data integrity, and the Veeam integration allowed Centerbase to add Ootbi to their existing infrastructure.

Most importantly, Ootbi solves Centerbase’s concerns regarding backup speeds and recovery time, decreasing RPO by 50%, and positioning them to decrease RTO in the future.

Ootbi is much faster than our other backup storage. This allows us to backup faster and replicate that data faster. As a result, we can decrease our RPO from 8h to 4h. This will also help us decrease our RTO. In time, we should be able to lower RTO and RPO even further,” says Young.

He speaks to Centerbase’s delight, saying he is “Very satisfied with the product. It has met all my expectations. This has allowed us to protect our critical infrastructure better, and I can sleep sounder at night. Ootbi just works. Set it and forget it. I can’t wait to deploy another one.”

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