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Mirazon Selected Object First Ootbi To Protect Customers Vs. Ransomware Attacks with Out-of-the-Box Immutable Backup Storage

Eliminates risk of malicious encryption, offering flexibility and scalability of cloud without bandwidth limitations and unpredictable costs.

Object First, Inc., the company delivering the first object storage backup appliance purpose-built for Veeam Software, Inc., was selected by Mirazon, a technology consulting firm, to protect its customers from ransomware and other malicious attacks, avoiding the traditional complexities of backup deployment, management, and maintenance.

Object First Mirazon 2303

Object First delivers Ootbi, a simple and affordable solution that provides Mirazon with the confidence to ensure ransomware-proof immutability for customers, eliminating the risk of deleted or encrypted backup copies.

Object First Ootbi Scheme2 2302

Founded in 2000, Mirazon helps customers with everything from basic helpdesk to complete infrastructure redesigns through managed services, consulting, and product sales. The company prioritizes long-term partnerships with their customers, finding and sizing solutions that meet specific needs to avoid a ‘one size fits all’ mentality.

Ransomware attacks have been rising over the past years, reaching a point where an attack occurs every 11s, and with backups now the primary target, Mirazon was looking for a solution that would not only protect and optimize their own environment, but that of their customers as well.

We knew that we needed a solution that would not allow backup copies to be deleted or encrypted should we or our customers fall victim to a ransomware attack,” said Brent Earls, CTO, Mirazon. “Previous solutions on the market were complex to deploy, manage, and maintain, putting an additional burden on IT departments. Furthermore, because scale-out backup repositories were the only way of getting backups into the cloud, storage had to be re-architected for smaller repositories to only sync critical data to the cloud, or the entire backup repository had to go all at once, causing bandwidth issues.”

After thorough research, Mirazon found that Object First was a solution that met all their needs. Ootbi was racked, stacked, and powered in 15mn, built on immutable object storage technology, and designed and optimized for backup and recovery performance.

We were excited to partner with the first solution to specifically support Veeam’s promise of immutability. Since onboarding, we haven’t been able to delete any immutable data,” Earls explained. “There was no existing product on the market that would solve the immutability issue that was as simple to deploy and operate, and also fell within budget – until now. Veeam hardened repositories were great, but they required more effort to set up and administer. The partnership has proven that Object First will deliver everything they said it would.”

By choosing the company solution, Mirazon can offer Ootbi, a simple and affordable on-premises appliance to ransomware-proof their customer’s backups. With Object First, Mirazon can confidently shield their customers’ data against ransomware attacks and malicious encryption while eliminating the unpredictable and variable costs of the cloud.

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