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Nexsan Strengthens Partners Relationship

With benefits including opportunity registrations, margins, customer promotions, fast sales cycles, and quarterly Sales Person Incentive Funds

Nexsan, Inc. is further strengthening its reseller relationships with new benefits for channel partners, including opportunity registrations, margins, customer promotions, fast sales cycles, and quarterly Sales Person Incentive Funds (SPIFs).

Its Worldwide Partner Program is fundamental to the company’s commitment to selling 100% through the channel. Its resellers, solution providers, and technology partners have access to the industry’s best resources, including sales and technical assistance, marketing tools, and incentives to help them close deals on the full line of the company’s all-flash, unified storage, file, block, and secure data vault storage.

Among the improved partner resources are:

  • Deal Registration Program: The company pioneered deal registration more than 20 years ago as a way to lock in opportunities for resellers, ensuring preferential pricing and vendor assistance. Approved deal registrations are guaranteed by the firm not to be taken directly by the company or granted to another partner.
  • Preferential Pricing: Deal registration provides partners with incentivized pricing and very generous margins.
  • Market Development Funds: The vendor has increased funding for co-marketing activities and campaigns. It also joins partners at regional events and shows to maximize visibility in the marketplace.
  • SPIF: Money-making opportunities have been expanded with partner Sales Person Incentive Funds as reward for selling Nexsan products. For 4Q23, the company is sponsoring a SPIF promotion featuring BEAST and E-Series.
  • Storage Refresh Rebate Program: This program incentivizes customers to trade in aging firm’s systems for a new BEAST or E-Series with a rebate of $50/TB for each returned system, allowing partners to sell updated solutions to current and former customers.

In my experience, what differentiates Nexsan from other vendors is its commitment to always fulfill through the channel,” said Chad Kuhar, president, Arkay Engineering, Inc.Other vendors may decide to take a deal direct or show preferential treatment to a competing partner. Nexsan never does this; they mean it when they say they are 100% channel-focused. With protected deals, industry-leading margins, money for co-marketing, and all the other resources they provide, I don’t know why any storage reseller wouldn’t consider becoming a Nexsan partner.” 

For nearly 25 years, Nexsan has led the industry in valuing the channel and channel relationships, and under our new leadership and focus, we are once again claiming the top spot in partner program benefits,” said Andy Hill, EVP and pre-sales WW. “Nexsan is where deal registrations were invented, and we continue to innovate with the incentives we offer and re-invest in our partners with best-in-market SPIFs, co-marketing initiatives, and incredible margins to prove we are superior to any other storage vendor in the industry.

Nexsan systems meet the ongoing need to maintain large data stores in on-premise storage hardware – a need that persists despite the advent of cloud computing, and grows more pressing as organizations face inflated cloud costs. Its channel partners excel at developing systems that address essential functions like data vaults, bulletproof backup and archive, cybersecurity, and digital video.

Resellers looking to integrate products and solutions with a strong reputation for reliability and cost-effectiveness into their portfolio of offerings are invited to learn more about joining the Nexsan Partner Program by emailing sales@nexsan.com.

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