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Nexsan Rewards Organizations for Loyalty

With rebate of $50/TB on new purchases of storage systems

Nexsan, Inc. announced a limited-time Storage Refresh Rebate program for trade-ins of qualifying its products.

It is offering a rebate of $50/TB on Blade, ATABoy, SATABoy, ATABeast, SATABeast, BEAST or E-Series systems returned to the company with the purchase of a new BEAST, or E-Series.

With over 2,600 systems deployed and over 600PB of storage under active maintenance, firm’s storage products are the workhorses of many of the world’s most demanding data centers. Nexsan systems meet the ongoing need to maintain large data stores in on-premises storage hardware-a need that persists despite the advent of cloud computing and grows more pressing as organizations face inflated cloud costs.

Company’s systems are known to be reliable and long-lasting storage systems in the industry. Customers frequently report that their systems are properly functioning 7 or more years after deployment. The new trade-in program enables existing customers to upgrade to Nexsan’s latest solutions at a lower cost. Additionally, this refresh helps reduce the environmental impact of disposing of unusable material because of firm’s commitment to responsibly recycle technology.

Nexsan channel partners benefit from the trade-in program with the opportunity to offer the latest E-Series or BEAST systems as replacements for the trade-in. Common use cases include large data sets, data vaults, bulletproof backup and archive, cybersecurity, and digital video.

Nexsan systems seem to run forever, so getting customers to upgrade can be challenging,” said Jonathan Lassman, director, Epaton Ltd. “This rebate program will hopefully get customers to find that old SATABEAST and turn it in for a new system with much more capacity and performance to meet their needs.

For over 20 years, Nexsan has built a reputation for highly reliable, cost-effective storage designed to serve specific use cases and business demands,” said Andy Hill, EVP and pre-sales WW. “As organizations assess their storage needs for 2024, we decided this was the perfect opportunity to offer customers the chance to benefit from our latest innovation and reliability through this rebate program. It represents value for customers, opportunity for resellers, and encourages responsible reuse and recycling to help our planet.

Trade-in credits are given on a 1:1 ratio (one system returned for one new system purchased), with rebates calculated per raw terabyte of the returned system. Returned systems will only be accepted with Nexsan-certified drives.