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ConnectWise: Evolution of Remote Monitoring and Management Solution

To Unified Monitoring and Management

ConnectWise LLC announced the evolution of its remote monitoring and management (RMM) solution to Unified Monitoring and Management.

Connectwze LogoThis game-changing transformation introduces a host of enhanced capabilities to the ConnectWise Asio platform, including adding support for network, cloud, and backup monitoring. Moreover, the company unveils a real-time, interactive dashboard as part of this unification.

In today’s complex landscape, technology storage providers (TSPs) often need help piecing together multiple solutions, leading to fragmented interfaces and cumbersome login requirements. The firm’s Unified Monitoring and Management sets a new standard by delivering a unified solution powered by a single agent, empowering TSPs to monitor and manage their ever-evolving environments through a experience. 

Building on its recent partnership with Auvik Networks, Inc., ConnectWise Network Monitoring equips TSPs with the ability to oversee their clients’ network infrastructure, visualize network topology, and proactively optimize network performance while minimizing downtime. All of this is integrated within ConnectWise RMM

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Connectwize Rmm Dashboard1

Expanding beyond networks and built from the ground up, the company introduces Cloud Monitoring and Management, offering visibility into cloud resources, workload health monitoring, and integration with Microsoft Azure, ensuring the smooth operation of cloud-based applications and services. Support for other leading cloud providers will follow soon after. 

TSPs are challenged to manage multiple backup vendors and stay on top of backup failures or issues, making backup monitoring essential to any robust IT infrastructure. The company announces backup monitoring capabilities, enabling TSPs to monitor the status and health of their client’s backups in real-time, providing a single pane of glass across leading backup vendors, starting with Acronis, Axcient, and Veeam and expanding to additional backup providers in the future. With this, TSPs can ensure data integrity, minimize the risk of data loss, and save valuable technician time on backups. 

Furthermore, to provide TSPs with a single source of truth, the firm introduces a cutting-edge, real-time interactive RMM dashboard. This centralized view empowers technology solution providers with holistic insights into their entire IT environment, encompassing patching compliance, network devices and cloud resources visibility, and status on tickets and backup jobs. The interactive nature of the dashboard enables admins to delve into specific areas for detailed insights and take immediate action when necessary. 

Enabling innovative solutions that help TSPs grow their businesses is at the core of ConnectWise’s mission,” said Ameer Karim, EVP and GM, Unified Monitoring and Management. “Our Unified Monitoring and Management solution represents a significant leap forward in providing a truly unified platform that simplifies IT management and enables proactive monitoring across all environments, facilitating quick decision-making and efficient troubleshooting.” 

The company’s Unified Monitoring and Management solution offers a suite of capabilities accessible through a single pane of glass. By consolidating monitoring tasks into a simple, intuitive web console built on the firm’s Asio platform and providing a real-time interactive dashboard, technology solution providers can streamline operations, reduce complexity, and enhance efficiency. These advanced capabilities are available as part of ConnectWise RMM packages (Essential, Pro, and Premium).  

The Unified Monitoring and Management portfolio is available.

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