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Raidon iR2024T Internal RAID-1

For 2xSATA 2.5" SSDs in CD-ROM bay

Raidon Technology, Inc. launches the iR2024T, an internal storage solution designed for data safety.

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When utilizing SSDs in RAID-1 mode, this 1-touch RAID-1 backup feature addresses the inherent limitations of SSD RW cycles. By mirroring data from one SSD to another on demand, it offers a safeguard vs. the risks associated with frequent SSD RW operations.

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With the iR2024T, concerns about potential data loss due to simultaneous SSD failures and subsequent RAID failures are a thing of the past. Trust in the product for a secure and reliable storage experience.

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  • Internal storage solution: Crafted for integration within systems, it is designed to replace an optical drive.
  • RAID-1 mode compatibility: Specifically tailored for SSDs operating under RAID-1 mode.
  • One-touch RAID-1 backup: A feature that allows users to mirror data from one SSD to another with a single touch.
  • Data mirroring: Ensures that data is duplicated across SSDs, providing an added layer of data protection.
  • Swift data recovery: In the unfortunate event of data loss or corruption, the RAID-1 configuration ensures immediate and seamless data recovery. This minimizes potential downtime and operational disruptions.
  • 6G SATA support: Immerse in data transfer speeds. With its 6G SATA support, data-intensive tasks are executed with finesse.
  • Compact and efficient design: Space is premium. Designed to snugly fit into a 5.25-inch CD-ROM bay, the iR2024T ensures you never have to compromise on space.

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  • STATUSGUARD GUI and SMART monitoring: The firm’s STATUSGIARD GUI is a vigilant sentinel for the drives. The marriage of an intuitive GUI with the S.M.A.R.T monitoring ensures health and performance of drives.

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  • Silent and efficient cooling: The silent fan in iR2024T ensures the drives remain cool, optimizing longevity and performance without the noise.
  • KeyLock tray design: With a built-in keylock tray, the product provides an additional layer of data security.
  • Informative LCD screen: It features a real-time RAID configuration LCD display, keeping users informed about the statuses of SSDs.
  • Durable construction: In the evolving digital landscape, durability is key. Crafted with rugged metal, the poduct is not just built for the present but designed to withstand the tests of time.
  • Proactive Safety Alerts: Advanced alarms act as vigilant guards, alerting to overheat scenarios or RAID malfunctions, prompting timely interventions.
  • Trusted brand excellence: RAIDON stands as a beacon of reliability and innovation in storage solutions. With the iR2024T, users are not merely purchasing a product; they’re securing peace of mind that comes with the brand’s esteemed reputation.

The iR2024T’s emphasis on data safety and recovery:

  • Data-critical environments: For businesses or institutions where data integrity and safety are paramount, such as financial institutions, healthcare organizations, or research facilities. This application stands out as the most crucial, as any data loss in these sectors can have significant consequences.

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IPC (Industrial PC) industries revolve around rugged and reliable computer hardware designed for specific tasks in challenging environments. Given the robust nature of the iR2024T and its features, it can be instrumental in various IPC applications as the below list.

  • Industrial automation and control
  • SCADA systems:
  • Robotics and CNC machines
  • AI in quality inspection
  • Energy management 
  • Transportation and fleet management 
  • Agriculture and precision farming 
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Medical and healthcare IPC 
  • Defense and military applications
  • Maritime and offshore drilling 

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