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Actiphy Updates ActiveImage Protector Data Protection Solution

Introduces features that reduce backup times while improving backup data security.

Actiphy Inc. announces its updated version of ActiveImage Protector 2022.

Activy Actimeimage Protector Server1

This release introduces features that substantially reduce backup times while improving backup data security.

Companies today are constantly threatened by the looming menace of ransomware attacks. This pervasive threat compels them to divert resources to bolster security measures and instills a sense of apprehension and uncertainty. In an actual attack, the consequences are much more severe and include data loss, financial damages, and disrupted business operations.

Implementing efficient DR and protective countermeasures is paramount, and with a strategic backup strategy (that includes StorageServer), another layer of security is added that protects the backup image files from being compromised by a ransomware attack.

This updated version with the StorageServer option is available in Windows and Linux.

Actiphy Storageserver Scheme

What’s new in ActiveImage Protector 2022 update:

  • StorageServer option
    StorageServer, a newly developed product in the ActiveImage Protector solution suite, has adopted a protocol that secures data transfer and also safeguards that data in storage.
    Additionally, it has been engineered to take advantage of cache devices to increase performance during data transfer, thereby substantially reducing backup time. In effect, it achieves increased data security and provides faster data transfers than the traditional Windows-shared folders or NAS-based storage.
  • Tracking driver with no reboot required
    The newly developed tracking driver eliminates the need for a reboot after installation or upgrading, enabling users to install or upgrade ActiveImage Protector with no service interruptions.
  • QuickRecovery
    Use QuickRecovery, a pre-prepared recovery environment to undo recent changes that have caused system instability due to a software or OS update. Select a specific restore point from the backup that was created prior to the current state of the system for an immediate recovery.
  • Recovery media maker
    Create bootable recovery media with the backup source machine’s image embedded for a DR solution should the backup destination become inaccessible. This feature accommodates various media, including DVD/Blu-ray, USB HDD, and USB Memory. One button click from the booted media will initiate recovery from the embedded image file.
  • Support for VMware First Class Disk (FCD)
    Direct backup and recovery of VMware’s FCD formatted disks.

ActiveImage Protector 2022 is a backup and recovery solution that protects physical and virtual Windows and Linux environments. It includes all the tools necessary for enterprise-level deployment and management of backup, recovery, virtualization, standby switch-over, and migration.

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