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Actiphy Updates ActiveImage Protector 2022 Software

Reducing RTO using HyperRecovery LIVE! to boot up system from backup image as VM in cloud or on-premise hypervisor and recovering it simultaneously

Actiphy Inc. announces an update of ActiveImage Protector 2022 that places an emphasis on minimizing RTO.

Activeimage Protector

Businesses are required to prepare and implement DR, and business continuity plans. Natural disasters have become more impactful, and as global uncertainty increases, the threats of cyber-attacks are becoming more common. Corporate systems are becoming exposed and exploited. When disaster strikes, RTO is the most important benchmark for defining the quantity of time allowed for a system, app, or a process to be down and recovered before effecting significant damage to the business.

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Reduce RTO using the company’s HyperRecovery LIVE! to boot up a system from a backup image as a VM in a cloud or on-premise hypervisor and recover it simultaneously. With In-Cloud standby, keep an up-to-date instance of the system ready to start up and succeed the failed system.

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Updated features:

  • HyperRecovery
    Directly boot a VM from a backup while migrating the VM to a restored target, eliminating a separate restore process.

  • In-cloud standby
    Maintains the most current backup images as bootable standby machines in the cloud ready to succeed a failed system.

  • In-cloud recovery from on-premise or in-cloud storages
    Supports recovery of sources on cloud-bridged VLAN and SFTP resources outside the cloud, or access cloud storage from outside the cloud environment.

  • RescueBoot and remote maintenance
    RescueBoot boots into Windows RE mode to perform cold backups, system recovery, or to remotely perform maintenance or diagnostics from the OS.

  • File backup enhancements
    Newly added, exclusion of specific files or folders and supports the backup of Network Shared Folders.

  • Enhanced LTO tape management
    With newly enhanced management of LTO tape pools and libraries, tapes can be moved within the library to be isolated from potential ransomware attacks.

ActiveImage Protector 2022 is a BR solution that protects physical and virtual, Windows and Linux environments. It includes the tools necessary for enterprise-level deployment and management of backup, recovery, standby switch-over, and migration.

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