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Arcitecta: Scale-Out ZFS with Mediaflux to Provide Scalable Storage to Manage Exponential Data Growth

Solution that overcomes scalability limitations of traditional scale-up ZFS systems and empowers customers to handle exponential data growth achieve up to 10x reduction in storage costs

Arcitecta IP Pty Ltd. announced Scale-Out ZFS with Mediaflux, a solution that combines the power of ZFS with the scalability of Mediaflux to enable customers to quickly and cost-effectively scale storage capacity and performance simultaneously.

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By integrating Mediaflux with ZFS, it offers a solution that overcomes the scalability limitations of traditional scale-up ZFS systems and empowers customers to handle exponential data growth easily and achieve up to a 10x reduction in storage costs.

Arcitecta represents an excellent example of a company that takes an innovative, creative approach to address critical customer needs, data resiliency challenges and effective data management at scale,” said Jerome Wendt, founder, DCIG. “Mediaflux supports organizations that generate multiple petabytes of new data and move many petabytes for analysis each month. Further, it accomplishes these tasks without data loss or outages exceeding three minutes. Now it combines ZFS’s known data integrity features with Mediaflux’s proven ability to simplify data management for demanding at-scale data environments. This move again demonstrates Arcitecta’s innovative prowess as it positions data-intensive organizations to operate faster and more efficiently – with increased storage capacity and data protection.

Organizations across many industries are grappling with intense data growth driven by advanced data-intensive applications, including AI and ML, increasing digitalization and IoT devices. This data growth requires scalable and cost-effective storage solutions that handle large amounts of data. Traditional scale-up storage systems face performance and scalability limitations and do not deliver the scalability, performance and cost-effectiveness needed to handle exponential data growth and large amounts of data efficiently.

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The Scale-Out ZFS with Mediaflux offers a cost-effective alternative to expensive enterprise-scale storage solutions. It provides performance with scalability, security and efficiency, and reduces hardware and software licensing costs by leveraging commodity hardware and open-source software. Mediaflux provides a unified view of data across multiple ZFS servers, enabling organizations to scale storage capacity and performance by adding more servers to the cluster. This approach offers data protection and availability with an additional layer of data protection to ensure availability in the event of server failure, reducing data loss risk and downtime.

Arcitecta is dedicated to being at the forefront of innovation, offering a solution that brings together the power of ZFS, renowned for its data integrity, with the scalability and intelligent management capabilities of Mediaflux,” said Jason Lohrey, CEO and founder. “This unique combination provides our customers with a robustly scalable, cost-effective, and highly performant storage solution that ensures their data remains protected and easily accessible. We are proud to offer a breakthrough solution that addresses the evolving storage needs of modern enterprises, provides our customers with a competitive edge and empowers them to unlock the full potential of their data.

The features of Scale-Out ZFS with Mediaflux offer data placement, easy administration, superior data protection and performance, and a global namespace across multiple ZFS storage servers to enable simplified data management. Users and administrators can view and manage data spread across multiple ZFS storage servers as if it were in a single directory structure. This approach makes it easier to manage and navigate without worrying about which physical server file data resides on. These capabilities enable organizations to achieve scalable, high-performance and resilient storage at a fraction of the cost of traditional scale-up solutions.

Benefits of Scale-Out ZFS with Mediaflux include:

  • Enhanced performance and productivity. The solution utilizes multiple servers in a distributed architecture, improving performance and reducing the risk of bottlenecks. The increased performance enables faster data access and processing, improving productivity across various business operations. It accelerates workflows, enables collaboration, and empowers data-intensive applications to deliver results more quickly, driving overall business efficiency.
  • Data protection and compliance. Data integrity, protection, and compliance are paramount concerns for organizations. With ZFS’s inherent data protection features and Mediaflux’s replication capabilities, the Scale-Out ZFS with Mediaflux solution ensures the redundancy and availability of data, reducing the risk of data loss and downtime. In addition, Mediaflux’s metadata management capabilities support compliance with data privacy and security regulations, enabling organizations to meet regulatory requirements and mitigate associated risks.
  • Cost savings and efficiency. Organizations can achieve significant cost savings compared to traditional enterprise-scale storage solutions using Scale-Out ZFS with Mediaflux, which leverages commodity hardware and open-source software. The solution’s efficient data placement and migration capabilities also help minimize storage costs by ensuring data is stored on the most appropriate storage technology based on usage patterns.

Scale-Out ZFS with Mediaflux is for a range of industries and organizations that demand scalable, cost-effective, and reliable storage solutions to address their data management challenges, including research institutions and laboratories, the M&E industry, and the government and public sector.

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