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UltraBac Backup/DR Software V11.1 with Cloud-Based Immutability Feature

Works with any cloud provider that offers data protective feature.

UltraBac Software announced a new cloud based immutability feature with the release of version 11.1.

Ultrabac Software Backup Intro

The company’s immutability feature works with any cloud provider that offers this data protective feature.

The primary purpose of immutability is to protect data stored in the cloud from being modified or deleted before a set expiration period has passed. This feature insures that critical data is not encrypted by ransomware, infected by malware, or accidently/purposely deleted and provides the same level of protection of air-gapped backups.

Cloud immutability is now integrated with the company‘s (1) mountable SFR image, (2) Hyper-V, and (3) vSphere hybrid backups. The firm‘s hybrid backup first backs up to local storage, releases held resources, and automatically copies a duplicate backup to cloud provider of choice.

With the company’s hybrid cloud functionality customers get both local backups for fast physical server BMR and virtual machine recoveries; and identical immutable cloud backups for offsite protection against disasters, deletions, malware, and ransomware attacks.

The firm‘s cloud immutability is on the bucket level with users able to create unlimited buckets to meet any backup and immutability requirement.

Also available is onsite immutable/air-gapped backups with the company‘s native capability to write classic image and file-by-file backups directly to all popular tape drive and autoloader devices with optional 256 bit AES encryption. Customers needing 2 levels of DR protection can 1st backup to local disk storage and then run or schedule UltraCopy to copy and concatenate any number of disk backups directly to tape as a new backup with its own index allowing for immediate one step restores. File based backup tapes can be read at any customer site by loading the index from the tape for direct file/folder/partition recoveries without licensing. Classic image backup to tape enables fast WinPE based BMR operations to the same or different hardware with licensing.

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