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UltraBac Backup Software V.10.5.1 With Continuous Replication for Near Instant Failover to Azure Government

Replication to Azure Government can be operational in 30mn once software downloaded.

UltraBac Software announced version 10.5.1 of its backup software with continuous replication for near instant failover to Azure Government along with direct and hybrid cloud backup.

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Replication to Azure Government can be operational in 30mn once the software has been downloaded. An initial replication creates a bootable disk in low cost storage. Subsequent incremental replications are small and fast with just the changed blocks since the last replication. Replications can be scheduled at any required interval allowing for unlimited failover recovery points (or migration). Failed incremental replications are self-healing as of the next successful replication.

The software’s cloud dashboard can be run from anywhere allowing an admin to (1) test replicated servers without affecting the continuous replication process, (2) perform a live failover operation, or (3) perform a permanent migration. Select a replicated server, the point-in-time to run from, and click the ‘Test or Run’ option. UltraBac then creates, configures, attaches its bootable disk, and starts running the replicated server as a VM in 1-3mn. Exiting the dashboard deletes test VMs to eliminate accidental runtime costs. When enabled, pruning logic automatically deletes incremental replications when expiration parameters are met without affecting future test or failover operations.

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The software replicates on-prem physical and virtual servers and can replicate/migrate any cloud based server to Azure Government. For additional levels of protection users can add on-prem virtual replication and image backup with BMR and dissimilar hardware restore for 1, 2, or 3 levels of protection in a one pass operation.

The company’s software provides Azure Government users the ability to select any combination of replication and backup options that best meet their business continuity requirements and recovery goals.

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