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Cohesity Collaborates with Microsoft

To simplify how businesses protect and data from cyber threats including ransomware attacks

Cohesity, Inc. expanded relationship with Microsoft Corp. that is focused on helping enterprises globally broaden and harden data security — critical as cyberattacks are occurring every 39s with 30,000 websites hacked daily and costing the global economy $6.9 billion in 2021*.

Cohesity Microsoft

There are 2 major elements to the expanded relationship between the two companies.

  • Cohesity announces integrations that help IT and SecOps leaders defend against cyber threats
    •  Microsoft Sentinel: Cohesity’s DataProtect backup and recovery solution, both on-premises as well as its backup as a service offering, now integrates with Microsoft Sentinel – the cloud-native security information and event management (SIEM) platform. Through this integration, joint customers can benefit from streamlined access to incident reporting and ransomware alerts.
    •  Azure AD and Multi-factor Authentication: Azure Active Directory is a standard identity platform for Microsoft customers around the globe. Cohesity provides seamless integration with Azure AD and multi-factor authentication (MFA) to safely and securely manage and access Cohesity products, including Cohesity Data Cloud and Cohesity Cloud Services.
    • Microsoft Purview via Cohesity’s Partnership with BigID: Get actionable data intelligence for data discovery, privacy, security, and governance across your Microsoft environment with Cohesity data classification that is powered by BigID. BigID has built integration with Microsoft Purview that joint customers can benefit from.
  • Cohesity Cloud Services are now available on Azure, empowering Microsoft customers to easily protect and secure their data across hybrid environments

° Cohesity FortKnox, Cohesity’s popular SaaS cyber vaulting service, provides another layer of protection with predictable data recovery. Live demos and product previews of FortKnox on Azure are available now, with general availability planned in the coming months.

    •  Cohesity DataProtect delivered as a service, an easy-to-use enterprise-grade backup as a service (BaaS) offering, now supports Microsoft 365. Customers can use Cohesity’s BaaS offering, which protects critical SaaS, cloud-native, and on-premises data, to backup their Microsoft 365 data to a data plane hosted on Azure.

Ushering in New Era in Deriving Value from Data

Cohesity, which is already using AI to help customers detect anomalies that can indicate a cyberattack in play, believes AI can be used in other ways to rapidly analyze vast volumes of data and enable IT and security operations to respond to a security breach – faster and with improved accuracy.

Today, it announced that it will put forth its AI-ready data structure that, when combined with OpenAI, will advance generative AI initiatives around threat detection, classification, anomaly detection, and more. To hear more about the impact AI can have on data security and management, its expanded relationship with Microsoft, and opportunities for customers to secure, protect, and derive value from data, watch this special edition of Spotlight on Security on April 11 which will feature key Microsoft and Cohesity executives.

Cohesity is integrating with Microsoft’s broad platforms across security, cloud and AI – all in order to help joint customers secure and protect their data against escalating cyberattacks,” said Sanjay Poonen, CEO and president, Cohesity. “This expanded collaboration will make it simple for thousands of Microsoft customers and ecosystem partners to access Cohesity’s award-winning platform, including its differentiated benefits of scalability, simplicity and security, in hybrid-cloud or multicloud scenarios.”

We utilize both Cohesity and Microsoft solutions today and are excited about this expanded focus on advancing security, utilizing cloud innovations to promote cyber resilience, and getting more valuable insights from data,” said Niall Townley, backup administrator, Community Health Plan of Washington. “As organizations like ours continue to accelerate the move to a hybrid and multicloud world, it’s great that we can also continue to manage data simply and securely, wherever it’s located, via the Cohesity Data Cloud platform. Together, all these benefits help us optimize the cloud while also mitigating risk from cyber threats.”

With so many organizations expanding their data footprints into hybrid and multicloud environments, attack vulnerabilities are increasing, and data security and protection is becoming more complex. Cohesity seeks to meet customers where they are, whether on-premises or across multiple cloud providers,” said Phil Goodwin, research VP, IDC. “Cohesity strives to help customers get more value from data through better data logistics, a key part of which is data security and protection. We think integrating with Microsoft Azure will help Cohesity and its customers to stay a step ahead of cyber criminals through more intelligent security now and with other interesting use cases to follow.

* Zippa: 30 important Cybersecurity Statistics [2023] Data, Trends and More

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