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Top Fastest Growing Storage Companies in 2019

WekaIO +600%, Datera +325%, and then ...

This article is regularly updated when we will get more information from other companies.

Yearly since 2013, we are ranking the top fastest growing storage companies in sales, either start-ups, private or public firms, here from 2018 to 2019 (calendar year or fiscal year), based on published figures only.

They are all privately held  – but four – and rarely reveal the exact figure of their sales but revenue growth percentage only.

In 2018 ten public companies deserved a position in our ranking: Box, Dell, Dropbox, Everspin, Mellanox, Mimecast, Nutanix, Pure Storage, Qualstar and SK Hynix. For 2019 they are Dropbox, Mellanox and Pure Storage already listed last year, plus Cloudera.

One company recorded 500% growth in 2018, Rubrik, two recorded 400% yearly growth Excelero and WekaIO, then Portworx 376%, Cohesity 300% and Talon 128% with 7 firms at more than 100%. For the following year, WekaIO is on top with 600% followed by Humio (550%), Datera (325%) and Portworx (200%), and this time six at more than 100%. The record was 800% by Nakivo in 2013.

Here are companies being on top list for two consecutive years: Mellanox, MSys Technologies, One Stop Systems, Portworx, Pure Storage, Talon Storage and WekaIO.

Remark than Dell was listed last year with +50% and Micron with 50%, these percentages diminishing to 7% and -33%, respectively, in 2019. 

We think Acronis, Cloudera, Dropbox, Mellanox and Pure Storage are the biggest ones in global revenue in our list and we suspect that few of other companies listed are profitable.

Of course we missed all the private storage companies that didn’t reveal anything on their financial activity. For two reasons: 1/ they are successful but neglect to inform us about it; 2/ they are not successful and prefer not divulge their results.

Among them, the majority is involved in software, cloud and flash.

Most Growing Storage Companies From 2018 to 2019

Ranking Vendors 2018/2019 Growth Activity
1 WekaIO 600%
Software platform to manage and protect data in the cloud, at the edge, and on-premises
2 Humio
Log management platform enabling observability for all streaming logs in real time
3 Wasabi
Hot cloud storage for businesses
4 Datera 325%
Autonomous data services software that powers data for the open cloud
5 Dremio
250%* Data lake engine cloud software
6 Portworx
Container storage and Kubernetes
7 Cloudera
Enterprise data cloud
8 Kalray 63% Massively parallel processor array architecture
9 Ctera
Cyber-hardened platform combining edge filers and endpoint clients to power digital transformation across the full continuum of enterprise file services
10 One Stop Systems 57%
High-performance computing modules and systems targeting edge deployments
11 IXsystems 50%
Open source enterprise storage and server hardware and software solutions
12 Scality 45%
SDS turning x86 servers into unlimited storage pool for file and object at petabyte scale
13 Nasuni 44%
Cloud file services
14 Zadara
Platform, multiple tenants able to run file, block and object storage simultaneously on same physical machines
15 Nakivo 40%* Data protection and site recovery software for SMB and enterprise
16 MSys Technologies 35% Solution accelerators
17 Pure Storage 33% AFAs
18 Acronis
Backup, security, DR, and enterprise file sync and share solutions
18 Kaseya 30%
IT infrastructure management solutions for MSPs and internal IT departments
18 Talon Storage
Next-gen SDS solutions
21 Mellanox 22% Fast IB and Ethernet connectivity (to be acquired by Nvidia)
22 Pure Storage
23 Dropbox 19% Share, sync, and collaborate on files securely

* annual recurring revenue
** customer bookings
(Source: StorageNewsletter.com)

Note: Other companies could be probably included in this table of fastest growing storage firms in 2019 but they didn’t prove it by publishing precisely their yearly growing figures: Clumio, Cohesity, Datrium, DDN, Exagrid, Excelero, HYCU, Model9 Software, OwnCloud, Panzura, Qumulo, Rubrik, Scale Computing and Virtana.

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