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VergeIO Providing IOprotect for VMware DR Solution

Promises to reduce customer costs by 60% and, in most cases, requires no additional hardware while improving recoverability and resiliency.

VergeIO is providing a robust DR solution, IOprotect, for VMware.

Verge Ioprotect Dr Scheme 2303

The solution promises to reduce customer costs by more than 60% and, in most cases, requires no additional hardware while improving recoverability and resiliency.

Ioprotect is part of the company’s Ultraconverged Infrastructure (UCI) solution VergeOS and enables customers to take a safe 1st step of a VMware Exit Strategy. Customers can load IOprotect on the existing hardware at their DR location and replicate, in near real-time, their VMware VM to it. IOprotect enables customers to cut costs almost immediately while increasing the number of workloads protected thanks to the efficiency of VergeOS.

DR is an excellent first step in a VMware Exit strategy. It enables customers to fully vet the potential alternative by having it run a function that is critical and vital to the enterprise,” said Yan Ness, CEO. “Later, once customers experience the stability and robust capabilities of VergeOS, they seamlessly upgrade to the full version of VergeOS. Then they are ready to transition their production environment as their VMware licensing agreements expire, face a VMware audit, or want to avoid another round of disruptive upgrades.”

The IOprotect solution enables customers to maintain continuously updated copies of their VMware VMs on VergeOS but does not replace backup solutions. Instead, it is an affordable DR alternative to software from VMware, Zerto, array-based replication DraaS bundles. It is also easier to set up, operate and maintain.

IOprotect runs on the customer’s hardware at a site they deem appropriate for DR, eliminating the shock of unexpectedly high monthly bills from public cloud providers. With IOprotect, customers can restart protected workloads within minutes of a site outage. If organizations don’t have a suitable DR site, they can connect with one of the company’s IOpartners and address their DR needs with a few mouse clicks.

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Verge Dr Ioprotect Scheme 2 2303

Due to the solution’s cost-effectiveness and modest hardware requirements, many customers leverage existing hardware to create an on-premises DR instance for disasters that are not site-wide. This ‘on-site’ DR environment protects them from local failures like storage system failure, double drive failures, and ransomware corruption. The VergeOS environment maintains immutable copies of the customer’s VMware VMs, which increases their resiliency to a ransomware attack.

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Verge Ioprotect Vmware Exit Stage Scheme 3 2303

Disasters and ransomware attacks are something to prepare for but not something customers must deal with daily. It doesn’t make sense to pay full price for a solution that sits waiting for use. IOprotect low price enables customers to reduce DR costs and begin investigating a possible VMware Exit strategy. IOprotect is licensed per target node, not capacity. It can start with 2 nodes and support unlimited VMs sources. Customers can run workloads for 36h to validate DR readiness. They can upgrade the solution for other use cases like workload spike mitigation, testing, development, reporting, and eventually complete VMware migration.

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