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Scale Computing Expands Edge to Cloud Video Surveillance

With Wasabi surveillance cloud

Scale Computing, Inc. announced its edge video surveillance solutions have been extended to include cloud video surveillance storage with Wasabi Surveillance Cloud and the Intel NUC Enterprise Edge Compute Built with Scale Computing.

Scale Computing Expands Edge To Cloud Video Surveillance

Together, the 2 partners deliver an edge to cloud surveillance solution that is easy to use, minimizes disruption, and allows access to video as usual, and when paired with the Intel EEC customers have a bottomless-storage, edge to cloud appliance. The company also announced its participation at ISC West in Las Vegas, NV.

Video and AI are going through a massive transformation, creating an opportunity for the industry to leverage edge technologies from companies like Scale Computing and Wasabi that enable better performance, agility, choice, and cost,” said Kasia Hanson, global director, video, safety and security sales, Intel Corp.As the video surveillance and security markets continue to grow rapidly, shifting from analog video cameras, CCTV, and proprietary recording appliances to digital IP-based cameras, the demand for near real-time response is driving this need for computing power at the edge of a network. By combining the power of Intel NUC EEC with the simplicity and reliability of Scale Computing HyperCore software, organizations have an efficient, scalable, and comprehensive edge computing solution.

Organizations are making significant technology investments in video surveillance, and Wasabi Surveillance Cloud is a first-of-its-kind solution offered by a cloud provider that enables these organizations to offload video surveillance footage from their local storage environment directly to the cloud without ever running out of capacity,” said David Boland, VP of cloud strategy, Wasabi. “This ‘bottomless’ approach to video storage, combined with Scale Computing, is vital for the surveillance industry as it struggles to manage enormous amounts of video in high resolution environments and increasingly large file sizes tied to surveillance.

Scale Computing and Wasabi combine on-premises edge computing with easy-to-use cloud data retention and archival to create the agile, hybrid-cloud environment. With integration with all major VMS providers inside of Wasabi surveillance cloud, Scale Computing is able to expand to organizations’ needs for critical video surveillance at the edge to the cloud.

Key benefits include: 

  • Easy Management: Moving “cold video files” to the cloud from Scale Computing platform with minimal admin effort and no impact on users or applications. With Wasabi Surveillance Cloud, 80% or more of an organization’s video files, on average, can be off-loaded from on-site storage to lower-cost Wasabi cloud storage, freeing up capacity for additional video data.
  • Cost savings: Every terabyte of video removed from existing primary storage generates real savings by delaying the substantial cost of adding additional on-site storage. This includes not just the cost of the hardware, but also the licensing and maintenance costs, network costs, energy costs, and data center costs.
  • Flexibility: Whether a company needs DR, an extension of their storage, or a combination of both.
  • Dedicated video surveillance infrastructure and storage: Running VMS software on top of HCI such as SC//HyperCore provides greater benefits including HA failover, data redundancy, rolling upgrades for infrastructure maintenance and the ability to scale out compute and storage capacity of the overall system as needs inevitably change.

We’re seeing a lot of security organizations and businesses beginning to adopt cloud storage as a way to reduce video storage complexity and costs. As they do so, one of the main obstacles that they face is converting the file-based format to a cloud object storage format,” said Scott Loughmiller, chief product officer and co-founder, Scale Computing. “Organizations can now combine on-premises Scale Computing clusters and Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage, allowing recent video to be stored locally at the edge until it’s moved to the cloud where it can be kept for as long as the organization needs it.

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