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Kanguru Expands Defender Hardware Encrypted USB Drives with USBtoCloud Portable Software App from Clevx

Cloud services supported: OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, Dropbox, Box, Amazon S3, Google Drive, Mega, Yandex Disk, ShareFile by Citrix, and Baidu

Kanguru expands its Defender product line of hardware encrypted USB drives with the USBtoCloud portable software app by ClevX LLC (*).

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Consumers now have the option of automatically backing up their Defender drives to their preferred cloud storage provider such as OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, Amazon S3, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and others plus NAS via included USBtoCloud software. All data in transit and in the cloud could be encrypted with a FIPS-validated AES256Bit encryption engine included in the app, providing additional level of security for data stored in the cloud. In the event a Defender USB flash drive is lost or stolen, the encrypted data can be recovered through secure restore options made available by the USBtoCloud app.

Set up automatic encrypted backup from Defender secure drives to your favorite cloud storage provider. In the event a Defender USB flash drive is ever lost or stolen, the encrypted data can be recovered through secure restore options made available by the USBtoCloud app.

“We are excited to offer innovative cloud backup to our existing and new Defender drives. USBtoCloud provides an additional value for customers that wish to store encrypted backups of their USB data both offline and online,”says Nate Cote, EVP. “In tandem with the superb benefits of military grade hardware encryption and onboard antivirus, clients now have the option to backup their data in an encrypted format on a range of global cloud locations for easy access. Anytime. Anywhere.”

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Unlike the commercially available USBtoCloud app (by ClevX) that provides users with a number of cloud options (Win/Mac; 11 clouds+NAS supported; multilanguage support – 12 languages) to pick from, the Kanguru/ClevX offering is focused more on the secure drive markets and offers an option to configure users’ preferences with an easy to use secure handshake configuration setup between the USB drive and their preferred cloud provider. IT admins/IT managers can set up default cloud or NAS options they would like their users to use.

“Together with the Kanguru team, we are glad to offer an additional value to security-oriented customers that Kanguru serves and appreciate the opportunity to provide a seamlessly integrated option for IT admins/managers to select and enforce via Kanguru Remote Management Console the cloud(s) they allow for their end-users to use,” says Lev Bolotin, founder and CEO, ClevX. 

For organizations using Kanguru Remote Management Console (KRMC) integrated with their Defender USB drives, administrators can make the backup option available to specified users, show and hide preferences and manage permissions for the USBtoCloud feature as well as all of the security features of the drives.

(*) USBtoCloud technology licensed from ClevX, LLC. U.S.

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