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Kanguru Defender LifePlanner USB 3.2 Key Security Platform for Customers To Manage Personal Information

$100 for 16GB model, including all-in-one security with FIPS 197 certified, AES 256-bit hardware encryption, anti-malware, and onboard browser

Kanguru announced an idea in data protection for the everyday user – the Defender LifePlanner.

Kanguru Defender Lifeplanner 2210

The Defender LifePlanner uses the company’s military grade encryption technology trusted by organizations WW to provide an affordable, easy-to-use solution for individuals looking for a way to store, organize and secure all of their personal information. The secure device is for families to be able to share access with other family members, care givers, elder care, or estate planners with a choice of full access or limited access if so desired.

For nearly 30 years Kanguru’s main focus has been addressing high-security market sectors,” states Nate Cote, EVP. “We are very proud to provide this new patented product designed for busy, goal-oriented, hard-working people and their families with a high-end security solution for all of their personal data.”

He continues:“There is a need in the market for everyday users to be able to securely and easily manage their most sensitive personal information, while not being exposed to the risk of keeping all of the information in a public cloud environment. The LifePlanner product set combines trusted hardware encryption technology with an easy-to-use interface where your sensitive info is stored locally – not in the cloud. It is truly the best of both worlds and long overdue.”

Kanguru Defender Bio Elite30 Fingerprint Hardware Encrypted Flash Drive Fingerprint Security

The Defender LifePlanner is a patented technology designed by the company as an all-in-one security solution for personal data. It comes pre-loaded onto firm’s Bio-Elite30 hardware encrypted, fingerprint access USB device. This handheld encrypted USB device easily fits in a pocket or purse, and contains multi-level security using an onboard Command Console GUI interface supporting several applications including the LifePlanner, an onboard Firefox browser, integrated anti-virus/anti-malware by Bitdefender and automated backup and restore features.

The drive is encrypted with FIPS 197 certified, AES 256-bit hardware encryption. Since it is a completely local USB device with military grade hardware encryption, there is no worry of compromise from online threats from the Internet. There is also a 2nd layer of independent 256-AES encryption leveraging a unique encryption key behind the initial hardware encryption controller to further secure the sensitive contents of the LifePlanner data. FIPS 140-2 certified platforms will also be available in 4Q22.

Included with the drive is 3-years of onboard, real-time anti-malware by Bitdefender. Bitdefender has been a valued partner with the company for many years helping provide data protection.

Securing personal information is crucial as cyberattacks and identity theft continues to increase in both frequency and sophistication,” said Jose Lopez, VP, technology licensing and service providers, Bitdefender. “Today’s consumers must have easy access to powerful security technologies that helps stop breaches at the door and protect data at rest. We are pleased to have a long-standing partnership with Kanguru whose vision to improve cybersecurity for all users aligns with ours.”

Organization and convenience

LifePlanner home page

Kanguru Lifeplanner Home Page Day Mode 1 2210The LifePlanner opens up to a graphical dashboard that helps users conveniently organize all of their personal data into categories under their complete control. The user can enter any information they want within each category. Information can be categorized under all kinds of categories including healthcare, banking, investments, retirement planning, real estate, insurance, taxes, wills and estate planning, and so much more. Details like account numbers, routing numbers, passwords, usernames, doctor’s contact information, pharmacy and prescription information, contact info, policy numbers, telephone numbers, email addresses, website addresses, and more can be customized under each category to fit the user’s personal lifestyle. There is a ‘Vault’ feature which allows users to safely store appropriate data such as tax returns, wills/legal documents, etc. for easy reference. The Password Manager feature is integrated with the onboard browser to allow users to launch the desired website quickly and securely. No more lost/forgotten passwords – and no more security risks for sensitive information being left around in unsecure locations.

Password Vault with 3 category entries

Kanguru Password Vault With Three Category Entries 2210

The Defender LifePlanner is loaded with additional features that make it convenient to plan, organize, store, and secure personal information.

It sells for less than $100 for the 16GB model and can be found on the firm’s website, or through a range of valued company’s channel partners. Other storage capacities are available (16, 64, and 128GB).






16, 64, and 128GB


SuperSpeed USB 3.0 USB 3.2 Gen 1×1 (Maintains Compatibility with USB 2.0)


Read speed:

Up to 150MB/s

Write Speed:

Up to 100MB/s


Solid State Flash


FIPS 197 Certified, 256-bit AES Hardware Encryption XTS Mode


10 years or more


1,000Gs Max


0°C to +70°C


-25°C to +85°C




15G peak to peak max.


OS platform agnostic – No OS needed (*), only a USB port to plug the drive in (with autoscan enabled) Windows 10+ or MacOS 10.8+ (with autoscan disabled)


0.3oz – 11g


Customization available: 2
engrave logos, serial numbers, OS-agnostic configuration (on/off), etc.


39.82 L x 17.82 W x 8.26mm H
1.568” L x 0.701” W x 0.325” H

(*) The Defender Bio-Elite30 does require an initial, one-time setup with Windows 11+ or MacOS 10.8+.  The host platform needs to be able to power up, read, and recognize the partition and files on the USB flash drive.
(1) Anti-Virus Subscription is available for Windows only. Flash drive includes a 30-day free trial. Requires a 1, 2, or 3 year license sold separately.
(2) Minimum order quantities may apply to customization. 
(3) If user require special custom configuration of drives for an enterprise environment with ‘OS Platform Agnostic’ turned on or off, user can special order with customized pre-configuration, allowing to configure the drive exactly as needed.

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