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HYCU Adds Data Mobility and Security Enhancements to Protégé Platform

Data protection capabilities help accelerate customer’s cloud journey with one-click support for Azure Government cloud, enhanced data security with NIAP certification readiness and cross-cloud mobility options.

HYCU, Inc. announced new functionality within its Protégé platform to accelerate customers’ cloud mobility with the addition of support for Azure Government Cloud and cross-cloud migration.

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The additions provide customers the ability to do 1-click spin-up of applications onto Azure Gov Cloud, protect data on commercial and Government clouds and  spin down the data from Gov Cloud onto local on-prem infrastructure.  In addition, with new security and cross-cloud migration capabilities, customers have a cost-effective platform to support data mobility from on-premises environments to public clouds and within public clouds. 

With the additional complexity that comes with increased adoption of hybrid and multi-cloud architectures, the ability to move data between infrastructure platforms without risking data loss is critical. Organizations choose these infrastructures to gain flexibility and agility, but without the ability to safely move workloads and data, organizations are unable to maximize the value of their investments in hybrid and multi-cloud and risk being negatively impacted by data loss. 

It has been exciting to see Federal agencies, among many of our customers, ramp up the use of cloud technologies and accelerate their journey to the public cloud,” said Simon Taylor, founder and CEO. “HYCU is excited to announce true, cloud-native support for Azure Government Cloud as well as additional flexibility and choice. The Protégé platform updates that we are announcing not only allow customers 1-click migration to Azure Gov Cloud, but also allow them to do 1-click protection of their applications and data on Azure Gov Cloud. With enhanced security and mobility features for cross-cloud migration, we at HYCU believe in building purpose-built solutions that our customers can use to optimize their data protection needs regardless of cloud platform, and this is yet one more significant proof point in moving that forward.”   

Latest updates to the Protégé platform provide customers with additional data protection capabilities designed to deliver flexibility and choice for hybrid and multi-cloud customers.

Additional functionality includes: 

  • Mobility and protection of workloads on Azure Government Cloud: Customers can now rest assured that their data on Azure Gov Cloud can be backed up, restored to different regions, and even perform DR to a different region with Azure Gov. All this can be done safely within their own control, without having to worry about a third-party having access to their data.

  • DR to AWS: Customers can leverage Protégé to achieve cost-effective disaster recovery into AWS.  Whether leveraging AWS as a backup target or protecting AWS native workloads, Protégé enables customers to failover into AWS and continue business operations without interruption.  Additionally, it minimizes infrastructure cost in AWS with its on-demand DR, only spinning up those resources when needed.

  • Cross-cloud restore and recovery: Customers can protect data onto any S3 compatible cost-efficient public storage provider, like Wasabi, and DR to any public cloud of their choice. This allows them to eliminate the need to provide DR functionality only for a small dataset, i.e., allows for rapid recovery across the entire data set when needed.

  • Expanded options for edge and remote office backup: The company allows customers to half their infrastructure required in the edge and remote office locations by eliminating the need for full data protection infrastructure in every one of those locations and leveraging the public cloud storage targets.

  • Enhanced security with strictest regulations: With NIAP Certification, Protégé meets the certification requirements mandated by US Federal procurement requirements (CNSSP 11) for use in U.S. National Security Systems (NSS). Customers have the peace of mind that sensitive information has the appropriate measures in place to keep data secure.

  • New integrations: The latest update provides customers additional flexibility by expanding supported technology integrations to include Scality S3 WORM, Nutanix AOS 6.5 LTS, Nutanix Objects 3.5 and Qstar v7. The addition of secure storage options and backup targets provides customers with additional optionality to bolster their data protection and ransomware preparedness.

This announcement comes on the heels of the firm’s Series B funding in June 2022 which accelerated investment in delivering data protection solutions, as well as the August launch of a free tier of Protégé for AWS which serves to make data protection simple and accessible to the most agile development teams.  

Mobility and Security Highlight Latest Enhancements to Award-Winning HYCU Protégé Platform

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