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HYCU Protégé Enhancements Help Reduce Ransomware Downtime

From 16 days to 16 minutes

HYCU, Inc. announced enhancements to Protégé designed to counter the rise of ransomware attacks facing organizations across both on-premises and public cloud environments.

Hycu Protege Scheme3 2205

With ransomware preparedness, requirements for WORM-enabled and immutable storage along with data protection for greater availability and recoverability, these enhancements to Protégé are designed to provide an as-a-service foundation for data migration, protection and recovery, today and into the future.

Protégé was introduced at ITPT 31 in June 2019. Since launching, the solution has been recognized as a mention in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Center Backup and Recovery Solutions, published July 2020, along with other industry accolades. It is an application-aware, light weight cross-cloud migration and DR solution for enterprise applications and workloads and delivers application consistency, protected migration, 1-click DR and consolidated management across clouds. 

Hycu Protege Scheme 2205

  Highlights of enhancements to Protégé include: 

  • Additional data protection for Dell EMC PowerScale OneFS: The company supports native Isilon REST APIs, including the snapshot-change-list API, for incremental backups. The firm’s customers can scale across Isilon clusters with minimalist deployment, improving overall backup SLAs and RPOs. Support extends from direct backups to on-prem or cloud-based object storage with no performance penalty.

  • Enhanced protection for public cloud: As security and compliance become more mainstream in the shared responsibility model with public cloud providers, the firm supports direct backups and archives to WORM-enabled object storage on Azure (Blob) and Google Cloud (Google Cloud Storage – GCS). This builds on existing support of performing backups to AWS S3 WORM enabled object storage and eliminates the probability of a backup being impacted. This also allows for recovery on a remote site/cloud from an offsite copy.

  • Simplified security credential management: Building on industry support for Multi-factor Authentication (MFA), network segmentation, in transit encryption, black-box architecture and multitenancy, the company’s customers can centralize, simplify, and secure their application and system credentials in CyberArk Conjur Credential Store, an external Credential store, both for organization users and also for tenants.

  • Security and compliance for GovCloud use: To leverage solutions in Gov Cloud, the firm’s customers need to deploy and manage themselves or have a Fed Ramped SaaS offering. As there are no Fed Ramped SaaS offerings available today, the company provides a single-click migration for OnPrem workloads onto Azure Gov Cloud for an application consistent lift and shift up experience. This builds on support of Azure Gov Cloud Blob to store backups. 

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The statistics are staggering. A ransomware attack occurs every 11 seconds. On average, it takes 16 days to recover from a ransomware attack. The estimated cost of ransomware attacks exceeds $50 billion since 2018. And, this is just the data from attacks that have been reported,” said Simon Taylor, founder and CEO. “At HYCU, we have focused our effort on supporting customers and partners to keep the lifeblood of their organizations, data and applications, protected, safe, secure and recoverable in the event of human error or malicious actor attack. With these latest updates to Protégé and extended support for our Federal customers with GovCloud, we are keeping our commitment to provide the right solution to address not only today’s rising needs but those of future needs as well. These updates are also the culmination of work around R-Score, the public service initiative we created to help identify what needs to be done in order to be best prepared to recover in the event of a ransomware attack, along with tight collaboration from our engineering team and key customers and partners. I could not be more proud of the results of these efforts.”  

In addition, with the introduction of the CRN 5-Star PACE (Partners Accelerating Cloud Environments) Global Partner Program, the company laid the foundation for new ransomware assessment and recovery services for partners (see related news HYCU Ransomware Services and Certification Program Now Available to MSPs, MSSPs and CSPs Through Global Partner Program PACE.)

HYCU’s growth has been extremely impressive over the past three years,” said Philippe Nicolas, founder and principal, Coldago Research. “When you factor in tangible results from the approach they take with ransomware recovery, and the advancements they continue to make, it is no surprise to hear that customers have been able to recover from a ransomware attack from 16 days to 16 minutes. Today’s announcements only illustrate the impact that HYCU is making with customers and partners to better manage, protect and recover mission critical workloads across on-premises to the public cloud. Bravo Simon and the HYCU team.”

Ransomware Recovery from 16 Days to 16 Minutes with HYCU Protégé

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