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SC22: Pliops and Tyan Demonstrated NVMe Storage Solutions

With Nvidia ConnnectX-6 EN along with Extreme Data Processor, NVMe optimized high-performance server, and Smart Modular DC4800 NVMe r SSD

At SC22, Pliops Ltd. will be on hand to highlight dense, reliable NVMe storage solutions that are simple to build.

Pliops Tyan Nvme Storage 2211

The company and TYAN, server platform design manufacturer and a Mitac Computing Technology Corp. subsidiary, are teaming to demonstrate a fast storage solution that leverages NVMe target offload capability with Nvidia ConnnectX-6 EN along with the firm’s Extreme Data Processor (XDP) and Tyan’s NVMe optimized high-performance server. Smart Modular’s DC4800 NVMe data center SSD will also be featured in this demo.

With the success of many business-critical operations depending on rapid access to large databases, enterprises are increasingly adopting NVMe SSDs to increase application performance. However, traditional storage infrastructure setups that utilize RAID have inherent inefficiencies in cost-effectively delivering performance with reliability. RAID-0 implementations provide performance but no data protection, while RAID-10 delivers reliability but at 2x the cost. While RAID-5 is a proven method for HDDs, it’s not as effective for SSDs, where it can potentially decrease reliability. The ideal data protection solution provides the benefits of hardware RAID-5 without the inherent limitations in performance, endurance and capacity.

There is a need for a new gen of hardware-accelerated data processing and storage management technology to support this wave of high-capacity NVMe SSD adoption. The increase in SSD storage capacity means a drive failure can significantly impact system availability, performance and data protection. The company’s XDP addresses this by eliminating blast radius anxiety, providing hardware-based redundancy (RAID) and storage accelerator functionality.

Pliops Processor Card Angle 2211

Additional key XDP features include:

  • No compromise Drive Failure Protection (DFP) – Pliops DFP provides RAID-5/6 style reliability without the performance and capacity penalties of traditional RAID solutions. The DFP enables drive rebuilds at faster than 20mn/TB with minimal performance impact and is 12x faster than HW RAID-5.

  • Breakthrough capacity scaling – XDP increases capacity savings up to 6x with inline compression while enabling full drive capacity usage. Endurance is enhanced up to 7x for longer drive life through a reduction in write, read and space amplification.

  • Inline compression

  • SSD WAF improvement

Even highly resilient architectures suffer performance degradation due to drive failures and consume drive, server and storage node resources – negatively impacting customers and business results,” said Tony Afshary, global VP, products and marketing, Pliops. “Pliops is changing this by bringing a new level of performance and reliability to SSD-based environments. Our advanced DFP maintains constant data availability with no data loss or downtime – enabling customers to deliver on stringent SLAs.

We are focused on designing solutions that excel in the most high-performance environments,” said Danny Hsu, VP, server infrastructure business unit, Mitac. “By joining with Pliops and leveraging their XDP to fully take advantage of high-capacity NVMe SSDs, hyperscale and HPC environments can achieve an impressive level of performance with unprecedented data protection. At TYAN, we deliver leading-edge systems optimized to accelerate compute-intensive workloads. Pliops XDP is an exciting new technology that meets every criteria to allow next-generation architectures to process large volumes of data.”

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