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FMS: Pliops Showcases With SSD Partners Extreme Data Processor to Break Through Data Scalability

Up to 12x higher performance than HW RAID-5, up to 23x higher performance during rebuilds than HW RAID-5, up to 6x more usable capacity for lower cost per terabyte, and up to 7x longer SSD lifespan to use QLC SSDs

Pliops Ltd. was on hand at tFMS  conference and expo, to showcase its Extreme Data Processor (XDP).

Pliops Xdp 2208

By reliably accelerating performance in existing and new data centers, the XDP extends their potential to crunch, store and move data – leveraging existing and new infrastructure. The company helps companies get more from their growing data volumes and data center footprint, leading to reduced costs and energy consumption.

There is an immediate need for a new gen of hardware-accelerated data processing and storage management technology to support the current wave of high-capacity NVMe SSDs adoption. The firm is enabling SSD partners to deliver a no-compromise storage solution for data-intensive applications. The increase in SSD storage capacity means that there is a more significant impact on system availability, performance and data protection. To address this, XDP eliminates blast radius anxiety.

Pliops Xdp 2208 2

Highlights include:

  • Up to 12x higher performance than HW RAID-5
  • Up to 23x higher performance during rebuilds than HW RAID-5
  • Up to 5x faster rebuilds than HW RAID-5
  • Up to 6x more usable capacity for a lower cost per terabyte
  • Up to 7x longer SSD lifespan makes it possible to use QLC SSDs

Next-gen, data-rich applications require more compute resources and SSD storage to meet their performance requirements while traditional data center architectures are experiencing CPU and memory bottlenecks,” said Salil Raje, SVP and GM, data center and communications group, AECG, AMD (Advanced Micro Devices Inc.)To tackle this issue, Pliops and AMD are collaborating to deliver solutions for ultra-high performance NVMe SSD-based applications, enabling Drive Failure Protection (DFP) to aid in reliability, lower infrastructure costs, and add flexibility to accelerate diverse computational storage workloads.

At FMS, a number of strategic partners joined the company in showcasing solutions with its XDP – including AMD, Samsung, Solidigm, and Western Digital.

The ability to enable IT infrastructure professionals to adopt new high-capacity drives that are optimized for real-world compute and storage workloads is essential,” said Greg Matson, VP, data center group strategic planning and product marketing, Solidigm. “Pliops XDP plus our QLC-based products seamlessly deliver best-in-class performance, reliability and scalability.“

Pliops was founded to massively accelerate performance and dramatically lower infrastructure costs for data centers,” noted Moshe Twitto, CTO and co-founder, Pliops. “At FMS, we are showcasing our technology with partners to tackle the challenges of adopting new high-capacity SSDs. Pliops XDP uses breakthrough data shaping technology to multiply the scalability of workloads and data capacity by delivering ultra-high-performance drive fail protection for data-intensive applications.”