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Availability of Scality Ring9, 9th Gen of Scale-out File and Object Storage Software for Unbreakable Hybrid-cloud Storage

Release leverages flash, cloud-native monitoring, Veeam and vCloud integration for increased performance, efficiency and adaptability.

Scality, Inc. announced RING9the 9th Gen of its scale-out file and object storage software a solution that allows IT teams to build and run a hybrid-cloud storage infrastructure with higher performance and efficiency.

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RING9 is built on major investments in RING solution that enables IT teams to:

  • Fully leverage flash media through tiering and dynamic data protection policies.

  • Modernize monitoring stack with Prometheus tools and APIs.

  • Streamline integration with API extensions to ecosystem partners such as Veeam and VMware Cloud Director (VCD)

With these capabilities, RING9 further enhances and simplifies scale-out file and object storage for enterprises building private and hybrid cloud storage services with AWS S3 and IAM compatibility.

Scality is a strategic object storage provider we trust to house our customer’s data. Over the last several years, we’ve partnered closely with Scality to build a scalable and sovereign cloud service,” explained Laurent Cheyssial, CTO, Jaguar Network. “With the comprehensive AWS-compatible S3 API and user security management in RING9, we now have the flexibility to offer our customers cloud backup services for a wide variety of workloads while keeping data secure.”

Scality continues to innovate in scale-out object and file storage as evidenced by its new multi-tiering capability. This new feature enables high performance with low-latency flash and increases storage efficiency with tiering as data ages. This will improve usages such as backups and medical imaging, as well as new latency-sensitive workloads in media by automatically optimising data placement,” said Randy Kerns, senior strategist and analyst, Evaluator Group.

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Building on proven enterprise and service provider deployments since 2010, RING9 enhancements are focused on:

  • Performance and storage efficiency: It augments its use of the latest generations of flash media through the Storage Accelerator (SA), a multi-level tiering capability. This enables dynamic tiering and data protection policies for fast IO to hot storage tiers via low-latency NVMe flash with automated movement of data to increasingly more cost-effective tiers on lower-cost flash, such as QLC, or on traditional HDDs. These enhancements expand the addressable markets and use cases for RING9, and enable IT teams to address tier-1, latency-sensitive workloads in media streaming, medical imaging and big data analytics that previously required a separate resource.
  • Modern stack administration: It brings monitoring into the modern cloud-native data centre, with the integration of a new stack based on Prometheus and AlertManager, a UI dashboard with user actionable alerting. In addition, the Scality Cloud Monitor enhances remote monitoring and observability for both customers and the company’s premium Scale Care Services support offerings.

  • Ecosystem integration: It streamlines the integration of its ecosystem partner products into a customer’s architecture, with support for:

    • New APIs for enhanced monitoring, reporting and data placement in solutions from ecosystem partners such as Veeam Software and others

    • Enhanced VMware vCloud (vCD) integration, including production use in existing real-world service provider deployments

    • More AWS IAM-compatible bucket policies to tighten security and access control

Paul Speciale, CMO, said: As IT teams embrace the modern stack architecture, they need solutions that eliminate challenges in enterprise data management and storage in the hybrid cloud. RING9 represents a major step change for the entire storage industry. Users gain improvements in storage efficiency through internal flash-to-disk tiering and dynamic data protection policies. For modern cloud-based data centres, RING9 fits naturally into the monitoring and observability ecosystem with support for Prometheus and Elastic Cloud. RING9 expands the addressable market and use-case workloads for RING further into the high-performance arena.”

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