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Scality Doubles Down on Scale-Out File System Enhancements in Ring8

Simplifies hybrid-cloud data management and improves geo-distributed operations to reduce operating costs.

Organisations across industries need ‘always-on’ BC and disaster protection to get the most from their enterprise and service provider cloud deployments, while also maintaining low TCO.

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To address these needs, Scality SA has strengthened its scale-out file system (SOFS) and streamlined management and monitoring of its RING8 file and object storage system.

It delivers operational improvements for production deployments at petabyte scale. It provides geo-distributed solutions for performance intensive file-based application workloads and simplifies tasks for storage administrators with ‘point-and-click’ functionality.

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With RING8 updates, other benefits include:

  • Business continuance and disaster protection: Enterprise customers have large-scale, file-based application workloads for big data analytics, backup/data protection and healthcare medical imaging (PACS/VNA) that demand maximum system and data availability, thereby requiring geo-distributed solutions. Enhancing its already powerful geo-distributed file system capabilities, RING gives these customers the HA business continuance and disaster protection needed for these massive file workloads.

  • Detailed utilisation metrics for billing and chargeback: It offers newly-enhanced utilisation monitoring and reporting for performance (ops/sec, bandwidth) and capacity metrics for multi-tenant deployments. Service providers and enterprises that deploy RING to provide cloud services have access to consumption-based metrics and reporting for detailed billing/chargeback capabilities.

  • Improved speed and ease of use: For administrators, this release further simplifies common NFS and SMB volume provisioning, shared ACLs management and monitoring tasks through automation and UI-driven actions. New support for the popular open-source Prometheus system monitoring tool and API is introduced. These capabilities save time and reduce operational costs associated with managing large-scale storage.

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Paul Speciale, chief product officer, said: “Given the rapid growth of data and the rising costs of storing and managing data at petabyte-scale and beyond, Scality has invested in further simplifying and reducing the operating costs of RING. We offer the only integrated scale-out file system in an object storage solution, and we will continue to innovate to meet our customers’ changing needs at a price they can afford.