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GSX 2022: Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage Integrates with Hanwha Techwin Wisenet WAVE

To reinforce next gen/performance surveillance architecture

At GSX 2022, Wasabi Technologies, Inc. announced an integration with Hanwha Techwin that delivers a scalable, cost-effective cloud storage solution for the Wisenet WAVE VMS to reinforce the surveillance industry’s next gen architecture needs.

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By leveraging a combination of on-prem and cloud technology, users of the company’s hot cloud storage and Wisenet WAVE VMS can support high camera counts, high-definition resolutions, high frame rates, and long retention periods with reliability, affordability, and availability to meet the demands of video surveillance deployments while protecting video with strong security practices.

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The company provides simple, predictable and affordable hot cloud storage for businesses all over the world. This means organizations in the surveillance and security industries can store and access an unlimited amount of data at 1/5th the cost of larger providers like AWS S3 and access it in milliseconds whenever they need it without having to pay fees for egress or API requests. Meanwhile, Wisenet WAVE is an IP Video management platform that allows users to create custom surveillance solutions tailored to any type of project or challenge.

The firm’s hot cloud storage combined with Wisenet WAVE provides an affordable cloud storage environment for high quality video surveillance infrastructures, including HD and megapixel environments. Users are able to simplify large system backup and recovery without the limitations of on-prem database sizes, free up capacity by moving video off-site, and scale their solution with flexibility as their business evolves. Additionally, the company’s hot cloud storage is equipped to protect surveillance data from cyber attacks and other data loss disasters with an air-gapped, secure, and immutable storage system.

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The video surveillance industry is experiencing a remarkable pace of innovation, and Hanwha Techwin continues to ensure that our solutions like Wisenet WAVE provide flexible and innovative ways to protect your facilities and important data,” said Mark Heintzman, technical partnership manager, Hanwha Techwin. “This integration with Wasabi hot cloud storage gives customers more control over their surveillance solutions with predictable pricing, higher performance, and flexibility to store and access their data however their business requires.”

Through our integration with Hanwha Techwin’s Wisenet WAVE VMS, organizations that store surveillance footage benefit from predictable prices and high performance in the face of growing file sizes and retention requirements, while being able to seamlessly archive and protect video data in Wasabi,” said David Boland, VP, cloud strategy, Wasabi. “This best of hybrid-cloud architecture allows customers to create simple, tailored solutions that meet their video surveillance challenges head on, without sacrificing their budgets.”

Wasabi and Hanwha Solution
Wasabi and Hanwha combine to deliver a scalable, cost-effective cloud storage solution for Wisenet WAVE VMS      
How do I use Hanwha’s Wisenet WAVE VMS with Wasabi?

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