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HPE Expands Alletra Line to Model 5000, Next-Gen of Hybrid Storage

Nimble Storage customer can transition to Alletra 5010 on budget, getting 2x capacity at similar price point to comparable Nimble Storage hybrid array.

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Built from the DNA of Nimble Storage AFA, HPE Alletra 5000 is simple, reliable, and cost-efficient hybrid storage – designed for both general purpose and secondary workloads.

Hpe Alletra 5000 Intro 2209But Alletra 5000 goes further to bring the cloud experience to your on-prem storage while radically simplifying operations across the lifecycle.

Like all of our HPE Storage products, HPE Alletra 5000 has our secret sauce built in – InfoSight. The industry’s AIO/s for infrastructure, InfoSight, eliminates app disruptions so your applications are always-on and always-fast. Of course, that’s just the beginning. Alletra 5000’s architecture delivers both flash speed and disk economics while enabling consistent performance and industry data efficiency. And with the firm’s GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform, you can consume everything as a service – enabling you to shift from owning and maintaining data infrastructure to simply accessing and utilizing it.

Go faster with cloud experience
Last year we unveiled our cloud-native data infrastructure, Alletra. Powered by the data services cloud console on the GreenLake platform, Alletra simplifies on-prem storage with the speed and agility of a cloud operational experience. This makes the underlying infrastructure invisible while shifting operations to be app, not infrastructure, centric. With Alletra 5000 announcement, we’re extending the Alletra family with a hybrid array.

Hpe Alletra 5000 Series 2209

The entire Alletra line is simple, and Alletra 5000 is no different. Get started in minutes with streamlined device deployment. Rack the infrastructure, plug in the cords, and connect the network cables. In a few clicks, the system is configured and available in your fleet, ready to serve data application workloads.

Provisioning is as easy. Since introducing Alletra, we’ve received great customer feedback on our intent-based provisioning feature, which allows our customers to automate and optimize app deployment. Just select the storage tier and workload type, specify the capacity and protection policy, and let AI-driven intelligence automatically optimize your SLAs by recommending the best-suited system across your entire fleet for your new workload.

Management of Alletra 5000 is likewise simple. Because it’s fully cloud native, you can globally monitor and manage your entire fleet of block storage from a single SaaS-based cloud console that’s accessible from any location, on any device. That makes managing hundreds of systems across geographies as simple as managing one.

Thanks to SaaS-based delivery, your system is always up to date, and new data services instantly become available to you. Data plane software upgrades are non-disruptive and intelligently matched to a given system.

Hpe Alletra 5000gp Workloads Scheme 2209

Put your storage on autopilot with an AI-managed service
As mentioned earlier, InfoSight is our secret sauce. For years, our customers have said goodbye to endless firefighting because they have our industry AIO/s for infrastructure to drive autonomous operations and help ensure apps are always-on and always-fast. InfoSight predicts and prevents disruptions before they occur across the stack, pinpoints issues between storage, VMs, and under-utilized virtual resources.

InfoSight’s AI-driven recommendations take the guesswork out of managing your Alletra 5000 while delivering predictive support automation and direct access to experts to avoid time-consuming escalations.

Get price performance for your general-purpose workloads
Alletra 5000 brings the speed, but at the right price point courtesy of an efficient architecture. In fact, it drives up to 25% faster speeds over previous Nimble Storage hybrid flash arrays – accelerating your apps with sub-millisecond latency while writing to cost-optimized disk at flash speeds through write serialization. And dynamic flash caching accelerates your reads even as workloads change in real-time.

Add to that always-on data reduction, enabling up to 5x space savings without performance penalty, and you have an array that increases storage efficiency while reducing cost and footprint.

With Alletra 5000, you can scale without disruption by growing the capacity and performance of a running system independently and non-disruptively. Scale up to 4 arrays with transparent volume mobility between arrays to achieve linear performance and capacity scaling.

Depend on resilient, proven platform
It’s time to forget unexpected downtime. Alletra 5000 ensures resilient 6x9s data availability for every customer and every array via a cost-nothing, do-nothing guarantee [1]. With InfoSight predicting and preventing problems, your arrays get smarter, better, and more reliable every day.

It’s also time to stop accepting trade-offs between data resilience and performance. Alletra 5000 delivers Triple+Parity RAID as standard – with zero performance impact. This means that Alletra 5000 can handle 3 simultaneous drive failures without data loss and provides additional protection through intra-drive parity.

Alletra 5000 is adaptive. It can be leveraged for general-purpose workloads and secondary workloads. Your recovery SLAs are fast, simple, and integrated with app-aware backup and recovery on-premises and in the cloud. You can natively replicate from Alletra 6000 AFA to Alletra 5000 hybrid arrays. And you can leverage SaaS-based the firm’s Backup and Recovery Service to simplify hybrid cloud data protection with instant restores, rapid recovery on-prem, and cost-effective long-term retention in the cloud.

Consume as a service, on demand
Alletra 5000 also gives you consumption options. Choose between Capex/subscription [2] or pay-per-use models. A flexible as-a-service consumption model with GreenLake enables you to eliminate over- and under-provisioning concerns, Capex budget constraints, and complex procurement cycles.

Easily get the storage resources you need faster with workload-optimized storage tiers delivered in days. You can scale on demand as needed, and take advantage of buffer capacity for unexpected workloads or usage demands.

More broadly, you can shift from heavy upfront costs to a transparent monthly subscription. The cloud consumption experience shortens project deployment times, frees up capital and IT resources, aligns your spend with business needs, and boosts your financial flexibility and operational speed.

Hpe Alletra 5000 Series 2209 2

Experience simple, affordable, risk-free transition
Lastly, moving to Alletra 5000 is easy and hassle free. Nimble Storage hybrid flash array customers can take the risk and complexity out of switching to Alletra 5000 with non-disruptive data-in-place upgrades. In-field controller upgrades enable you to continue to use and drive ROI from your existing Nimble Storage chassis, media, and networking.

Hpe Alletra 5000 Series 2209 3

If you’re an existing Nimble Storage customer, you can transition to Alletra 5010 on a budget – and get 2x the capacity at a similar price point to a comparable Nimble Storage hybrid array.

Alletra 5000: Bringing cloud experience to on-prem storage
By expanding the Alletra portfolio, we’re delivering cloud-native data infrastructure for every workload. Alletra 5000 is designed to provide guaranteed 6x9s availability and efficiency for your general-purpose and secondary workloads.

Introducing the new HPE Alletra 5000 | Chalk Talk

[1] 25% higher performance from Nimble Storage HF40 to Alletra 5030 and from Nimble Storage HF60 to Alletra 5050; based on random mixed 50/50 R/W on 4KB blocks
(2) HPE Storage Substantiation   
(3) Customers can purchase Alletra 5000 hardware upfront with Capex and subscribe over a set term to cloud data services

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