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Icy Dock flexiDock MB021VP-B 3.5-Inch Compact U.2 NVMe PCIe 3.0/4.0 SSD Mobile Rack Enclosure

Supporting up to 64Gb/s data transfer speeds through Slimline SAS (SFF-8654) connection

Icy Dock announced the flexiDOCK MB021VP-B a compact U.2 NVMe PCIe 3.0/4.0 SSD mobile rack enclosure supporting up to 64Gb/s data transfer speeds through a Slimline SAS (SFF-8654) connection.

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It fits into a computer case’s external 3.5″ drive bay (floppy bay) and allows tray-less and door-less drive installation and removal. Users can access their enterprise U.2 SSD without opening the computer case or using any tools or screws. Insert a U.2 SSD and switch on the drive power, you are all set to go.

Tool-less and removable

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The open front tray-less design lets users swap their bare U.2 NVMe SSDs within seconds. When a drive is inserted into MB021VP-B, the drive ejection button extends out. To remove the drive, press the ejection button back in and the drive will pop out. The LED drive activity light is built into the ejection button, indicating the drive’s status.

Drive guiding mechanism

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The company designed a drive guiding mechanism for a smooth and steady drive insertion/removal whether user are using a 7 or 15mm height U.2 SSD. There are 2 drive guiding pecks on either side of the drive and a metal flap in the rear that adjusts automatically based on the drive height. Each guiding peck clamps the drive tightly while the adjustable metal flap pushes the drive down to improve the drive stability.


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To unlock the full performance of U.2 NVMe PCIe 4.0×4 SSD, the MB021VP-B uses Slimline SAS (SFF-8654) connector to supports up to 64Gb/s transfer rates and is backward compatible with U.2 NVMe PCIe 3.0 x4 SSD up to 32Gb/s.

Individual drive power switch    

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The flexiDOCK MB021VP-B is equipped with a slide power switch, allowing users to power off the drives while not in use and achieving reduced power consumption and elongated drive’s life expectancy. It also helps against unforeseen malicious cyber attacks.

Packed with features 

Icy Dock Lexidock Mb021vp B Durst Cover 2208

The drive slot is covered by a spring-loaded dust cover to prevent dust and debris from entering the device and system. 

Icy Dock Lexidock Mb021vp B Ventil 2208

The heavy-duty metal housing is able to withstand harsh environments and offers ample heat dissipation for high wattage U.2 NVMe SSD. In addition, the Multi-Flow Technology allows air to move freely through the ventilation holes place on top and bottom of the device and keeps a low drive temperature.  

Icy Dock Lexidock Mb021vp B 7 2208

The Slimline SAS and SATA power connectors support data and power cables with a locking latch design. Once the cables are connected, they will stay in place to prevent unintentional disconnections.

Optional M.2 NVMe SSD to U.2 NVMe SSD adapter

Icy Dock Lexidock Mb021vp B 8 2208

Converting M.2 NVMe SSD into U.2 NVMe SSD with EZConvert MB705M2P-B adapter offers tool-less SSD installation and comes with a large heatsink designed for high-speed M.2 NVMe SSDs.

Optional 3.5″ to 5.25″ drive bay bracket 

Icy Dock Lexidock Mb021vp B 9 2208

Converting 5.25″ device bay into a 3.5″ device bay with Flex-Fit MB343SP drive bay bracket, it features a solid one-piece design with additional dual 2.5″ drive slots for extra drive storage.  

Key features:

  • Supports 1x 2.5” U.2 NVMe PCIe 3.0/4.0 SSD (up to 15mm drive height)
  • Uses 1xSlimline SAS (SFF-8654) connector, pin-out defined by SFF-9402 Rev 1.1

  • Fits in 1xexternal 3.5″ drive bay

  • Compliant with PCIe 3.0/4.0 up to 64Gb/s transfer speeds

  • Heavy-duty full-metal chassis with industrial-grade ABS plastic

  • Door-less and tray-less design for a quick bare drive swap

  • Large individual drive ejection button built-in with cool blue drive activity LED

  • Front accessible drive power switch

  • 3-year warranty against all defects

  • Complimentary support from professionally trained support agents

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Video: Icy Dock Removable U.2 NVMe SSD Docking Enclosure | FlexiDOCK MB021VP-B

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