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19 Financial Rounds for Storage Start-Ups at Mid-Year 2022

To be compared to 30 for full year 2021

Since January 2022, storage start-ups accumulated a total of 19 financial rounds for a total raised reaching $837.2 million or an average $44.1 million.

Total accumulated investment for all these companies (excluding Beemo) since their inception is $1,827.3 or an average of $101.5 million.

By country, companies getting financial funding in 2022 came for the vast majority from USA (12), then France (3), Israel (2), UK (1) and Estonia (1).

All financial rounds at mid- year 2022
* $million

Start-up Born in CEO Raised in 2022* Total raised* Business
Aleph.im (Paris, France) 2019 Jonathan Schemoul 10 10 Cross-blockchain decentralized storage and computing network
Beemo Technnologies (Montpellier, France) 2009 Gabriel Biberian 4   Protection of data and backup
Bundlr Network (London, UK) 2021 Josh Benaron 5.2 5.2 Building way to store data on web3
Dassana (San Jose, CA) 2022 Gaurav Kumar 5 5 Cloud Log Lake separates storage and compute for cost savings
Dremio (Santa Clara, CA) 2015 Billy Bosworth 160 421.5 Data lake storage cloud software
GRAID Technology (Santa Clara, CA) 2020 Leander Yu 15 18 NVMe and NVMeoF RAID card
Hive (Cannes, France) 2022 John Furneaux 7.5 7.5 Distributed storage and computing platform
HYCU (Boston, MA) 2018 Simon Taylor 53 140.5 Backup-as-a-service; also known as Comtrade Software
LightBits Labs (Kfar Saba, Israel) 2016 Eran Kirzner 45 138.2 NVMe/TCP solution; also in San Jose, CA
LucidLink (San Francisco, CA) 2016 Peter Thompson 20 40 Cloud backed distributed file service
Minio (Palo Alto, CA) 2014 Anand Babu Periasamy 103 123.3 Multi-cloud object storage suite
Nasuni (Boston, MA) 2009 Paul Flanagan 60 247 Secure cloud storage; founded by former executives of Archivas
Object First (Irving, TX) 2022 David Bennett 12.5 12.5 Ransomware-proof backups for Veeam customers, founded by former Veeam executives
Panzura (Campbell, CA) 2008 Jill Stelfox 80 118 Cloud as-a-storage tier integrated into interwoven global file system and global namespace; acquired by VC Profile Capital Management in 2020
Pavilion Data Systems (San Jose, CA) 2014 Dario Zamarian 45 107 Processor agnostic storage in PCIe-based shared storage environment; data analytics acceleration platform
PlIO/s (Ramat Gan, Israel) 2017 Uri Beitler 65 115 NAND storage processor
Storadera (Tallinn, Estonia) 2019 Tommi Kannisto 1 1.7 Cloud storage provider
Virtana (San Jose, CA) 2008 Kash Shaikh 73 158 Virtual infrastructure optimization solutions; spin-out from Finisar; merged with Load Dynamix in 2016 with new $20 million investment; formerly Virtual Instruments
Weka (San Jose, CA) 2014 Liran Zvibel 73 158.9 SDS scales storage to hundreds of petabytes, tens of millions of IO/s, sub milliseconds latency; also engineering in Tel Aviv, Israel
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