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Automotive Software Company in Sweden, Zenseact Chooses Veeam

After evaluating 5 different data protection solutions for containerized workloads

Veeam Software, Inc. announced that Zenseact AB is using its Availability Suite and Kasten K10 by Veeam for reliable backup, protection and DR solutions and to streamline their containerized development processes, giving them a competitive edge in a fast-paced industry.

Automotive Software Company In Sweden Zenseact Chooses Veeam

Based in Sweden with a team of employees from more than 55 countries, Zenseact creates automotive software with the goal of developing self-driving software that enables customers to feel safe and relaxed. Originating from Volvo Cars and Zenuity, it is at the forefront of the market for autonomous vehicle software with a safety-first mindset.

To retain its position at the leading edge, the company maintains a pace of innovation, driven by data-intensive IT. It must be able to recover data in the event of a disaster, making backup processes crucial for the company to operate without interruptions or operations delays. It relies on Availability Suite as its backup, recovery and monitoring solution to protect approximately 400 mission-critical VMs across its IT environment.

We selected Availability Suite for its rich feature set, flexibility and scalability. The solution aligns with our agile mindset and best practices,” said Johan Jansson, scrum master and service owner, Zenseact. “Veeam enables us to move fast to deliver new capabilities to our customers – because we know we can always roll our systems back quickly and easily.

The company began moving workloads from VMs to containers to reduce overhead and free up time and resources for development and innovation. It evaluated 5 different data protection solutions for containerized workloads and selected Kasten K10 – a cloud native backup and recovery solution for Kubernetes data and applications – to provide both freedom of choice and safety to their developers, so they may perform to their potential while keeping risk of data loss low.

According to the Veeam Data Protection Trends Report 2022, 56% of organizations currently run containers in production or plan to in the next 12 months,” said Danny Allan, CTO, Veeam. “Zenseact is an industry leader in rapidly transforming their business and moving their workloads from VMs to containers. As a long-time user of Veeam technology to ensure that data is protected end-to-end across their IT environment, adding Kasten by Veeam K10 which is purpose-built for Kubernetes, is the ideal data protection solution for their containerized workloads and to ensure Zenseact’s environment is fully protected.

Together, Kasten K10 and Veeam Availability Suite are supporting our strategic transition to containerized workloads,” said Jansson. “We’re committed to using the solutions long term and feel confident they will evolve alongside us. Already, we’ve seen the positive impact on upcoming functionality.

The Zenseact team hit the ground running with Kasten K10, becoming familiar with the interface and setting up backup policy automation for containers to cut the risk of a data-loss incident and delaying the product development process. Today, the company’s 500 developers can automatically include backups when they set up a new project and make changes at a later date, giving developers flexibility while keeping management simple.

By combining Kasten K10 and Availability Suite, Zenseact prevents the IT team from being a bottleneck when it comes to backups. Both developers and IT specialists at the end user save 150 hours per month on backup management thanks to Veeam and Kasten K10 technology, enabling them to work more productively.

Kasten becoming part of Veeam is a great advantage for us,” Jansson said. “As we work towards our ambition of safe, accessible self-driving cars, we’re using Veeam and Kasten technology to ensure our developers always have the data they need for innovation.

Case study: Zenseact Streamlines Backup Management, Accelerates Self-Driving Innovation with Kasten K10 by Veeam.

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