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Granules India Uses Veeam Solutions

To accelerate mission-critical backup "by 95%" and restore data "in minutes"

Veeam Software, Inc. announced that Granules India Limited selected its Backup & Replication to protect its mission-critical data from cyberthreats.

Granules India Uses Veeam Solutions

For over 30 years, Granules India has manufactured off-patent drugs at scale on behalf of major global healthcare companies. To help it contain costs without compromising on product quality, the company is embracing IoT technologies and SAP S/4HANA business systems to automate key processes, including packaging, shipping, warehouse management.

As our digital transformation gains pace, data is becoming even more important to drive our day-to-day operations,” said Srinivasa Reddy, global head of IT, Granules India. “At the same time, cyber-attackers are becoming more resourceful and determined. To help protect the company from these threats, the ability to backup and restore data effectively is crucial.

Working with trusted business partner Digital Track Solutions Private Limited, Granules India has deployed Backup & Replication. The solution protects 40 mission-critical virtual and physical servers with a total data volume of 12TB – and the company plans to extend the solution to protect all its systems in the year ahead.

In the past, backing up our production systems took 4 hours of manual work a day, and we only maintained a single copy of that data on site at our data center,” said Reddy. “Thanks to Veeam, we can backup our vital business systems in just 10 minutes to three different on-premises and cloud locations, ensuring redundancy. Crucially, we’ve cut the time it takes to restore data from 3 hours to 30 minutes – an 83% improvement that helps us deliver smooth BC in the event of a recovery scenario.

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