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Cloud Storage Start-Up Storadera in Estonia Raises €100,000

After €270,000 in October 2021

Tallinn, Estonia-based Storadera OÜ closed a €100,000 investment from the builder of tailored-made storage and infrastructure solutions for ISVs Diaway OÜ.

It is by now the single largest investment to Storadera.

Aleksandr Ragel, managing partner, Diaway, said: “This move is seen as quite natural for us internally because during our 5-years long evolution as the storage builder, with many hundreds of petabytes installed, we realized that the real synergy and efficiency may come from a setup when we cooperate with the software partner not as an external party but through a tighter collaboration. Provided that large-scale storage is virtually in our DNA, we’ve been looking for a partner in the field and Storadera’s vision, execution, and commitment are a great fit to us. We are excited to start this new joint chapter together with the Storadera team here in Estonia and are up for the challenge to add more smart petabytes in large-scale storage space globally.”

Diaway has already been an infrastructure supplier for Storadera and in cooperation has developed its architecture building block which enables scalability.

This investment brings the cooperation to a new level. Together the 2 companies reach 18PB deployment within 12 months.

With the help of Diaway, the start-up now has access to Western Digital Corp.‘s engineering resources which helps to stay on cutting edge with its service development and push boundaries of data density and effectiveness.

Diaway expertise in large scale infrastructure deployments provides Storadera confidence to have its service architecture future proof and ready for massive growth.

Data is growing at an unprecedented pace these days. Also different backup and recovery solutions are accelerating cloud adoption as it is so costly to store on-prem or in legacy cloud providers like AWS. Customers and partners are benefiting from having a more energy efficient and sustainable way of storing their valuable data.

Tommi Kannisto, co-founder and CEO, Storadera, said: “Our primary goal is to help your organization with any new use case for cloud storage. I think Storadera will be the best partner for that because our high quality service has the simplest pricing model on the market, final price is really good compared to competition, and our service is so simple that it does not need external training to integrate.”

Prior to this investment, Storadera was already backed by several investors like Superangel VC and Honey Badger Capital.

Its team includes industry professionals, with experience in the IT industry from companies like Microsoft and IBM and start-ups like Skype, Bolt, Onoff and others.

It is on a mission to provide a scalable service at a simple and transparent pricing and to attract new customers and new workloads that have not yet found their way to the cloud because of unpredictable pricing or complexity.

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