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IBM ServicePac Services Extended

To include new IBM storage systems

IBM extends IBM ServicePac services to include new IBM Storage products

IBM Corp. enables clients to obtain its ServicePac services for its additional storage systems machine type models (MTMs) 8969-F24, 8969-P96, 8969-R96, 5341-993, 5341-994, 5341-996, 5341-998, 5341-E96, 3580-H95, and 3572-S9H.

ServicePac is designed to make services more easily obtainable as features of a product configuration, helping to ensure that you can more readily procure the necessary support services when you purchase the product. Through ServicePac services, you gain support for installing, managing, and repairing storage products. With faster, more consistent access to IBM specialists, you can expedite issue resolution and optimize IT staff efficiency. ServicePac is for clients of all sizes, from individual consumers to large corporations, and it can offer enhanced convenience and ease of use.

ServicePac services for storage products can provide:

  • Onsite hardware maintenance coverage that is 24 hours a day, every day of the week. The company can add additional years of hardware maintenance coverage.
  • The capability to retain defective media, such as HDDs and flash drives, that are being replaced (dependent on machine).
  • Warranty service upgrades, and warranty and maintenance options.

The terms and conditions of the ServicePac services for storage products can vary depending on specific product, geography, and services offered.

Key requirements
Machine Setup Support Services: The Genie lift tool feature EB3Z and lift plate feature EB4Z are required to install and set up the supported machines. If a client has previously purchased these features, they will be available for use by the IBM Support Services Representative (SSR).
If these features have not been previously purchased, they can be added to the configuration.

Ordering prerequisites:

  • Feature B0NQ requires:
    Feature ALK3, ALKR, ALKS, ALKT, ALKU, ALKV, ALKW, ALKX, ALKY, ALKZ, ALL3, ALLR, ALLS, ALLT, ALLU, ALLV, ALLW, ALLX, ALLY, or ALLZ as a prerequisite for M5341-993, 5341-994, 5341-996, 5341-998, and 5341-E96
  • Feature B0PF requires:Feature ALK5, ALCG, ALCH, ALCJ, ALCK, ALCL, ALCM, ALCN, ALCP, ALCQ, ALL5, ALDG, ALDH, ALDJ, ALDK, ALDL, ALDM, ALDN, ALDP, or ALDQ as a prerequisite for M5341-993, 5341-994, 5341-996, 5341-998, and 5341-E96

Planned availability date: June 14, 2022

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