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Swedish Cloud Provider Datarewind Adopts HPE Storage

And enhanced compute capacities.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development LP announced that Datarewind Sweden AB, a Swedish IT service provider, has selected its Alletra cloud-native data infrastructure and ProLiant servers to host VMs on behalf of its clients.

Swedish Cloud Provider Datarewind Adopts Hpe Storage

The compute and data services solution allows Datarewind to offer higher performance and quicker access to the work environment for its clients, meeting the hybrid office demands while providing a strong foundation to adapt to future requirements.

Datarewind offers its services to clients across Sweden, allowing users to run VDI solutions during work hours and automate backup during the night. Due to the pandemic, demand for VDI solutions increased, and Alletra was chosen to meet these increased demands thanks to its performance, scalability – and HPE’s existing track record as a supplier to Datarewind.

The timing was right for an upgrade, with the added remote work demands that the pandemic created,” says Rickard Johansson, CEO, Datarewind. “We can now support about 100 concurrent customers working with graphically intense workloads from home. The new solution also enabled clients to run storage-heavy workloads, where HPE Alletra alleviated bottlenecks.

With Datarewind also securing their clients’ data by way of backups, performance was of utmost importance in the choice of solution, as was modularity. With storage performance high enough to be limited by network bandwidth rather than storage throughput, the possibility to expand the storage pool was kept in mind when signing the deal.

We were able to go from 10 on-site servers to 2 or 3 larger centralized ones. Both storage and automated tasks are running flawlessly. Tasks that previously took 40mn to execute now take 5mn,” says Johansson. “The future includes working from home, which Datarewind’s solutions are prepared for. Clients don’t require as many offices and can consolidate their workforce.

HPE Sweden helped Datarewind serve its clients better. The Alletra platform in use will allow the service provider to meet client SLAs and host more concurrent users. It also alleviates worries regarding VDI performance and minimizes downtime.

Alletra is the cloud-native data infrastructure that powers data from edge-to-cloud. It features a portfolio of workload-optimized systems to deliver architectural flexibility to run any application without compromise.

The Alletra solution has enabled Datarewind to develop its new cloud offering and position itself better on the service provider market, with superior performance, HA and scalability,” comments Toni Drk, channel and service provider sales manager, HPE Sweden. “The Alletra 6000 cloud native storage technology allows them to create a strong and attractive as-a-service offering for their clients.

With the solution in place, client satisfaction at Datarewind is reportedly at an all-time high.

The best part is when clients contact us about how happy they are with the new solution,” concludes Johansson.

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