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Open-E Certifies Intel Optane SSDs

P5800X and P1600X

Open-E GmbH announced the certification of Intel’s Optane P5800X Intel and Optane P1600X.

Open E Certifies New Intel Optane Ssds

It tested both the 58GB  and 118GB variants of the Optane P1600X. The Optane P5800X was tested in 3 sizes: the 400GB , 800GB , and 1.6TB versions.

The benefits of the Optane’s technology include higher densities, larger capacity, lower latency, and higher endurance, which make them for enterprise storage architectures.

Optane P5800X SSDs series are a set of SSDs that are sure to boost the performance of the storage setups when used as cashing devices. Given their size, endurance, and performance levels, Open-E recommend the 400GB version as a writelog, specifically with HDDs, and the 800GB and 1.6TB versions as read caches.

The Optane P1600X was also certified, and due to its size, durability and performance are recommended as boot medium in the high-performing storage setups.

Thanks to Optane SSDs and a ZFS-based storage solution such as Open-E JovianDSS, it’s possible to deploy storage architectures tailored to the business and budget.

We’ve always worked closely with Intel to ensure that our solutions are as reliable and high-performing as possible. These new SSDs show just how far Intel’s engineers have taken the technology and now we look forward to seeing how we can push it in our top-of-the-line solutions,” said Krzysztof Franek, CEO.

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