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Open-E Certified for Kioxia FL6 NVMe SSDs

With ZFS-based JovianDSS software

Open-E GmbH announced the certification of the Kioxia FL6 NVMe SSDs with its ZFS-based JovianDSS software by its technology partner Kioxia Corp.

Open E Kioxia Fl6 Series Intro 2203

Kioxia’s NVMe SSDs were tested and benchmarked by the company as cache devices for HDDs (supporting both write and read operations) as well as data drives in all-flash data storage appliances.

Kioxia Fl6 Ssd 2203

Tests were conducted to prove compatibility with the JovianDSS software for a single node and HA non-shared storage cluster architectures.

Open E Kioxia Fl6 Series 4 2203

The results exceeded both technology vendors’ expectations. Tests have proven the solutions’ performance and low latency while tested as cache or data drives for JovianDSS.

Open-E has proven that Kioxia FL6 NVMe SSDs perform outstandingly in several implementations and can address various business goals – ultra-high performance when used as data devices in all-flash setups, and significant cost reduction when used as caching devices supporting HDDs,“ says Krzysztof Franek, CEO, Open-E.Open E Kioxia Fl6 Series 1 2203

This solution is recommended for multi-purpose drives for tailored storage setups and setups with expected massive workloads, as in applications for media streaming/processing, digital platforms, or virtualized environments.

Open E Kioxia Fl6 Series 3 2203

The tests have also proven that FL6 NVMe SSDs are competitive to RAM solutions as there’s no need for adding extra RAM capacity.

FL6 NVMe SSD specs

Kioxia Fl6 Ssd 2203 Spectabl

Open-E solution brief.
FL6 NVMe SSD demo setup, running with the Open-E JovianDSS software, will be shown at the Kioxia booth at CloudFest 2022.