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CloudCasa by Catalogic Expands Integration With Azure Kubernetes Service

And enters partnership with Italian start-up Clastix.

Catalogic Software, Inc. extends its cloud native backup-as-a-service platform CloudCasa to Azure Kubernetes Service, and a partnership with Clastix srl, creator of Capsule, a solution that helps users build multi-tenant architectures on Kubernetes.


CloudCasa protects Kubernetes environments, providing a cyber-resilient, scalable backup and DR service for cloud native applications. The service adds native integration with Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) in addition to Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS). It allows AKS users to register their Azure accounts and discover their AKS clusters, centralize backup policy management across Azure regions and Azure accounts, and reduce the time taken to recover AKS clusters and their data.

This latest round of updates also enables role-based access control (RBAC) for enterprises and self-service backup and recoveries for developers, support for multi-tenant clusters with native Capsule integration, and support for Longhorn volumes.

CloudCasa is already the most cyber-resilient backup service for Amazon EKS. We are excited to extend the same capabilities to Microsoft AKS as well. Our AKS integration allows simple unified deployment, recognizes how your clusters are configured in AKS, and uses that information to spin up similar clusters during recovery without the need for maintaining expensive standby clusters,” said Sathya Sankaran, GM, CloudCasa by Catalogic. “It is a game changer for AKS users who are forced to rely on complicated home-grown scripts, single cluster management tools and backup products that are blind to the underlying cloud platform.

With full RBAC, CloudCasa provides granular control over who can perform backup and recovery and data migration functions. Cataloging how a cluster is configured in the cloud is key for data migration, automated cluster recovery, and intelligent cross-account, cross-region, and cross-cloud recovery.

Many organizations are struggling with Kubernetes cluster sprawl because of the lack of native multi-tenancy in Kubernetes. To help address this, Catalogic is also announcing that it is partnering with Clastix to add support for Capsule, an open-source multi-tenancy solution that allows multiple teams to securely share a Kubernetes cluster. With this integration, mappings are automatically created and maintained between Capsule tenants and CloudCasa user groups. This allows tenant users to backup and restore only their own resources providing a secure, self-service solution for Kubernetes data protection in a multi-tenant environment.

Clastix Capsule provides a multi-tenant abstraction that allows multiple teams to share a Kubernetes cluster. By integrating Capsule with the new RBAC feature of CloudCasa, it can now provide an essential and critical capability of self-service Kubernetes backup and recovery,” said Adriano Pezzuto, founder and CEO, Clastix. “We are impressed by how CloudCasa delivers a simple user experience in an extraordinarily complicated world of Kubernetes data protection.

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