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Graid and Digicor Partner

For distribution across Australia and New Zealand

Graid Technology, Inc. announce a partnership with Digicor Pty Ltd, a provider of IT infrastructure solutions throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Graid And Digicor Partner

Digicor, in the Australian and New Zealand niche ICT infrastructure market since 1997, provides server, storage, workstation, networking, edge computing, and IoT solutions for Supermicro, Intel, Seagate, DDN, Western Digital, Chenbro, IX Systems and Asus systems.

Digicor is proud to partner with Graid Technology in our mission to optimize and improve the lives of our customers through innovative technology,” said Richard Huang, CEO, Digicor. “Known for disrupting the storage industry as the most powerful and flexible NVMe SSD RAID card in the world, Graid’s credibility, enthusiasm, and forward-thinking approach is a welcome addition to the Digicor family.

The flexibility and scalability of Digicor’s solutions provide the platform to leverage the simplicity and performance capabilities of Graid’s SupremeRAID SR-1000 offering. The partnership offers flexible IT infrastructure solutions that drive a lower cost of deployment along with improved customer satisfaction.

We are extremely pleased to announce this new relationship,” said Leander Yu, CEO and president, Graid. “Digicor has long been known for providing businesses with the latest and most innovative infrastructure technologies at highly competitive prices; our partnership will be an unbeatable combination.

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