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AWS re:Invent: Preview for HYCU Protégé With Addition of AWS Support

As-a-service data protection for AWS-based workloads 

HYCU, Inc. announced a preview of Protégé for Amazon Web Services (AWS), the company’s native, as-a-service solution for workloads on AWS.

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The new, born in the cloud solution from the firm, will give customers an integrated and application-aware solution to further protect, manage, and recover data for workloads on AWS.

Cloud-first policies and migration to AWS have become priorities for senior IT executives in enterprises. According to the Flexera Cloud Report [1], AWS adoption among enterprises rose 79% from 2020 to 2021. With the rise in interest coupled with the growing number of company’s customers leveraging AWS for their cloud-first deployments, managing, protecting, and recovering associated workloads in a cost-effective and efficient way without additional hardware, agents, or code is essential. The firm’s partners and customers understand the importance of leveraging AWS in their organizations’ cloud initiatives.

A vast percentage of HYCU’s 3,000+ customers and partners have shown strong interest in leveraging AWS as a foundation for their cloud-first initiatives,” said Simon Taylor, founder and CEO “Within the AWS Shared Responsibility Model, customers are responsible for data protection in the cloud, so HYCU is excited to announce the preview of our cloud-native data protection service for AWS. We have never been prouder of what our team is showcasing at AWS re:Invent this year and we are thrilled to collaborate with the world’s largest hyperscaler to provide data resiliency, mobility, and disaster recovery to AWS customers worldwide.

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Protégé was designed and architected to support both on-premises and applications, and VMs running on public clouds. At the company’s booth, the team has showcased how the firm’s specifically works on AWS to manage and protect key workloads running on AWS. availability of the solution is anticipated in 1Q22.

Protégé for AWS provides following benefits:

  • Automated and instantaneous discovery of applications: AWS-based workloads are identified and managed from within one single user interface.

  • Assured data protection: With set and forget policy-based data protection, users do not need to be IT backup administrators to use. For developers, this provides ease of use and self-service capabilities to support container-based application development. Protection policies can be applied globally, across container and non-container sources.

  • Ability to set different SLAs for applications within the same cluster: Ease of management and flexibility to provide policy-based SLAs for container-based workloads regardless of location.

  • Granular and flexible recovery: Users can recover an entire application, from individual persistent disks and configuration files.

  • Ease of recovery validation with selective cross-regional recovery: Users have the flexibility to leverage multi-regions and locations to spin up applications for recovery.

  • Simplify dev/test and DR with cross project and cross regional cloning: Users gain an extra layer of protection from cyberattacks, erroneous or malicious deletion, and system outages.

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For the director of IT, at a large car rental wholesale company, and a long-standing company’s user leveraging firm to further protect data on Amazon S3, the latest company’s solution could not come at a better time: “We really appreciate the way in which HYCU works for all our data protection needs and the latest offering that is being shown at AWS re:Invent will help as we continue to grow and embrace our corporate-wide cloud-first initiative. Alternate solutions we have evaluated have presented additional complexity challenges that require incorporating additional hardware, software and resources. The approach HYCU takes is refreshing. It’s easy to use, and it is even easier to manage while allowing us to further protect our AWS-based data.

Protégé for AWS is in controlled release with customers and will be available through authorized company’s reseller and channel partners worldwide in 1Q22.

[1] Flexera 2021 Cloud Report

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