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Open-E JovianDSS Software Up29r1 Version Compatible With Intel, Areca and Atto Adapters

Providing customers with higher level of flexibility and more hardware choices

Open-E GmbH released an update of JovianDSS software.

Open E Up29r1 Joviandss Software

The Up29r1 version expands the number of devices compatible with the storage solution and looks to provide customers with more flexibility in their hardware setups.

As of Up29r1, the Intel Ethernet 800 Series 100GbE of network adapters, the ARC-1886 RAID adapters from Areca, and all of the ExpressSAS 12Gb SAS GT HBAs from Atto Technology, Inc.. are compatible with JovianDSS.

The Intel Corp.‘s Ethernet 800 Series 100GbE of network adapters are a series of network adapters that have shown to have fast sequential reads, according to performance results from variants that were tested internally like the Intel Ethernet 810 100GbE network adapter. The company has actually fully certified this Intel Ethernet 810 100GbE variant and can recommend it for enterprises that are looking for quick solutions to improve their sequential read performance.

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Open E Sequential Io With Intel E800 Connection To Client

Open E Sequential Io With Intel E800 Mirror Path

The second of the adapter series to be made compatible, the ARC-1886 RAID adapters from Areca Technology Corporation, have also been provided with a web GUI that allows them to complete any tasks assigned in a few steps, providing a boost in terms of quality of life for their users.

The ExpressSAS 12GB SAS GT HBAs from Atto Technology, Inc. compatible with JovianDSS’ Up29r1 version, all have 12Gb SAS speeds and x8 PCIe 4.0 interfaces, which allow them to provide the lowest latency possible in HA, high-performance applications.

Joviandss Gi Banner

By providing customers with a higher level of flexibility and more hardware choices that are now compatible with its product, The firm is looking to make its software as accessible as possible, so that it can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of what hardware choices they’ve made in the past. In times where hardware isn’t readily available, solutions like JovianDSS can still provide customers with value while minimizing expenses by making more hardware compatible with their software.

At Open-E, we’ve always adapted to the circumstances and pride ourselves on having hardware-agnostic software that’s capable of functioning with a variety of hardware. This update furthers that ethos by allowing for even more hardware compatibility which, in turn, opens the door for a wider variety of customers to enjoy our award-winning product“. said Krzysztof Franek, CEO.

JovianDSS software is available through this link.

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