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LTO-9 Tape Cartridge Available From OpenStorage

With 18TB native capacity

After passing all quality tests of LTO consortium (IBM, HPE, Quantum) the LTO-9 tape cartridge is available from OpenStorage AG.

Lto 9 Tape Cartridge Available From Openstorage

Storing up to 18TB native (45TB assuming 2.5:1 compression), LTO-9 achieves a capacity 50% better than LTO-8 (12TB native / 30TB compressed).

Execute faster restores with 400MB/s native (1,000MB/s compressed) transfer rate, 11% better than LTO-8 (360MB/s native / 900MB/s compressed). You can store up to 3.6TB/h of compressed data.

All former features since LTO-5 remain unchanged. LTO-5 through LTO-9 supports native tape device data encryption for enhanced data security – granted FIPS140-2 Level 1 certification, WORM functionality and support for LTFS.

LTO-9 tape drives can read and write LTO-8 data cartridges.LTO Ultrium formats are open standards. This means that data written on any certified LTO Ultrium tape drive can be interchanged directly with Ultrium tape drives from different vendors.

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