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Cervoz TLC SSD Solutions for Safeguarding Patient Health and Data

Inclusing T435 M.2 2280 NVMe PCIe Gen3x4 embedded module, and TLC products such as T385 family and T376 Series for point on care devices

Point of Care (PoC) technology has transformed the delivery of health care. With PoC devices, medical professionals are able to perform a number of tasks at the patient’s bedside.

Cervoz Tlc Flash Solutions For Safeguarding Patient Health And Data
These tasks range vastly from updating a patient’s records to video calling a remote specialist and even a quick ultrasound. PoC technology is the future of medicine, which is why it is vital that we provide the right hardware solutions to support it.

Imagine nurses logging the latest information about the medicine they administered to a patient in a mobile terminal. The speed of saving and uploading the new entry into the patient’s records depends on how fast the machine’s storage module can process the data. Likewise, how fast scans show up on screen or how smooth a video call with a telecommuting specialist is depends, more than anything, on the storage solution(s). As these medical carts have gotten more advanced to allow more complex operations, our industry has had to keep up with solutions that facilitate them.

High performance and fast-processing speed are only one half of the equation for success. While convenient, these devices bring about risks of their own that previously were not as prevalent. Namely, electronic records are susceptible to leaks, tampering, and other forms of hacking, which paper copies are less prone to. This potential problem is the reason why storage solutions need to save data both quickly and reliably. These solutions need to provide layers of security to ensure data security and integrity. Only then can these PoC devices really help to improve the health care delivery experience for both medical professionals and patients.


Cervoz T435 Ssd

Cervoz Technology Co., Ltd.‘s flash modules for healthcare applications meet both the performance and data integrity requirements. The T435 M.2 2280 NVMe PCIe Gen3x4 embedded module is a performing solution which at a capacity of 1TB has the capability of 2,045MB/s sequential reading and 1,845MB/s sequential writing. Like other TLC products, it is available with end-to-end data protection for detecting and correcting any errors that may occur in the long data transmission journeys.

Cervoz T385 Ssd

Other TLC products such as the T385 family and the T376 Series are suitable for PoC devices that run less complex operations but require as much reliability. These products are equipped with DRAM buffers that minimize the wear on the products by reducing the number of P/E cycles the flash storage must perform.

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