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Graid Technology: SupremeRAID PCIe NVMe RAID Card for Enterprise Data Protection

With 6 million IO/s 4k random IO and 25GB/s throughput with single SupremeRAID card on PCIe Gen3 platform, or 100GB/s throughput on PCIe Gen4 platform

Graid Technology, Inc. announced SupremeRAID, a NVMe RAID card to deliver 100% available SSD performance, offering a way for enterprise data centers to achieve record NVMe SSD or NVMeoF performance without sacrificing data security or BC.

Graid Technology, Inc. Announced The Launch Of Supremeraid

Designed for a modern software composable environment, the company‘s solution sets a standard for RAID data protection by protecting direct-attached flash storage as well as storage connected via  NVMeoF, with proven record performance. Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd. and Kioxia Corp. are some of first to offer the firm‘s game-changing solution to global enterprise data center customers.

As NVMe SSD becomes the new standard for storage infrastructure, a challenge arises for datacenter storage infrastructure design: the industry requires a future-ready solution to deliver NVMe SSD performance without sacrificing data security or BC. Now, with proven performance tests and partnerships with industry leaders, the SupremeRAID removes the traditional RAID performance bottleneck and delivers record performance, data protection, flexibility, at the lowest TCO on the market.

Graid Supremeraid Scheme

Graid Technology is proud to partner with Kioxia and Gigabyte to unveil the next gen of NVMe server, storage and data protection technology, capable of delivering industry leading performance for the future of 5G, AI and IoT workloads,” says Leander Yu, CEO, Graid.

Daniel Hou, VP, networking and communication, Gigabyte, states: “With each genal leap there are more demanding workloads that require fast throughput from storage solutions. Gigabyte has partnered with Graid Technology and Kioxia to develop industry leading performance for Gen 4 NVMe SSDs showcased in R282-Z94, that deliver blazing fast performance in a storage dense 2U chassis.”

Solution advantages:

  • Flexible and future ready
    Optimized for SCI (Software Composable Infrastructure) means flexibility and automation capabilities with NVMeoF support

  • World record performance
    With 6 million IO/s 4k random IO and 25GB/s throughput with single SupremeRAID card on a PCIe Gen3 platform, or 100GB/s throughput on a PCIe Gen4 platform, it has redefined performance standards for SSD RAID technology

  • Liberate CPU resources
    Offload your entire RAID computation to the firm’s card to free-up precious CPU computing resources for 5G, AI and AIoT applications

  • Plug and play
    Effortless installation, no cabling or motherboard re-layout required

  • Highly scalable
    Easily add features like compression, encryption, or thin provisioning; or use for computational storage

  • Easy to use
    Unlike traditional hardware RAID systems, SupremeRAID does not rely on memory caching technology to improve performance, eliminating the need for battery backup modules

SupremeRAID is available in North America on July 1, 2021 direct or through our data center solution partners.

Graid Supremeraid Sr1000 Spectabl

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