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Retrospect Integrated With Microsoft Azure Blob Storage

For businesses moving to cloud

Retrospect, a StorCentric, Inc. company, announced the availability of Microsoft Azure Blob Storage support for Retrospect Backup and Retrospect Virtual.

The software updates allow businesses to leverage Azure as a backup destination as well as a cloud storage location to protect on-premise data. Included in the release is support for ransomware protection using Retrospect’s Immutable Backup, preventing malware from compromising critical business backups. With Azure integration, Retrospect Backup continues to provide a flexible backup solution with simple, safe, and secure backups.

Microsoft Azure has grown recently, and with its addition to the range of cloud storage providers that Retrospect supports, customers can select the best cloud based on their business. Retrospect Backup is able to use Azure as a storage destination as well as a data source, enabling companies to protect assets stored on Blob Storage using Retrospect’s workflow options.

By integrating Microsoft Azure Blob Storage into Retrospect, IT administrators now have the ability to utilize their organization’s existing Microsoft Azure account for offsite backups that can be locked down for a specific retention period to protect vs. ransomware or other digital attacks,” said JG Heithcock, GM. “Retrospect’s unique policy-based backup and broad set of features, with granular filtering and out-of-band backup transfers, allow companies to have a point-in-time restore for their data, protected by Microsoft Azure in addition to Amazon S3 and Google Cloud Storage, among others.”

Retrospect 18.1 for Windows and Mac is available and free to customers who have Retrospect 18. It is available in 6 languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Japanese.

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