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Everspin MRAM Solution Designed Into Lucid Air Luxury Electric Vehicles

MR25H256AMDF MRAM device designed for automotive applications and qualified to AEC-Q100 Grade 1 standard

Everspin Technologies, Inc., developer and manufacturer of Magnetoresistive Random Access Memory (MRAM) non-volatile solutions, announced that Lucid Motors, Inc. has designed-in its 256Kb MRAM into the master powertrain system of its Lucid Air all-electric Luxury sedan.

Everspin Mr25h256amdf Mram Device

The MR25H256AMDF MRAM device is designed for automotive applications and is qualified to the AEC-Q100 Grade 1 standard for use in memory applications that require extreme reliability in critical data capturing systems. The company believes the adoption of its MRAM technology in the Lucid Air – which delivers new benchmarks in range, efficiency, and power for electric vehicles – is an endorsement of the value of persistent, non-volatile memory that does not have the traditional wear-out problems associated with alternative memory technologies.

We are very excited to have been designed into the Lucid Air series of all-electric vehicles. Our MRAM products have been utilized in automotive applications across the industry due to the merits of extremely high endurance, 20-year data retention, and a wide operating temperature range that are required to meet the needs of this high-growth market,” said Troy Winslow, VP, sales and marketing, Everspin.

Everspin Mr25h256 Mr25h256a Spectabl

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