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Cobalt Iron Enhanced Compass Enterprise SaaS Backup Platform for Manage Google Cloud Platform VM Snapshots

Commander GUI provides 'single pane of glass' for customers to manage GCP VM Snapshots in concert with other enterprise backup events.

Cobalt Iron Inc. announced that its Compass enterprise software-as-a-service (SaaS) backup platform has enhanced features enabling management of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) VM snapshots.

Cobalt Iron Compass Google Cloud

Through this expanded capability, users are able to manage backup retentions and schedules for GCP VM snapshots using the Compass Commander GUI, the same interface with which they manage their enterprise backups. Users no longer have to spend extra time logging separately into GCP or other tools, and backup administrators can be confident that Compass is recording and reporting both GCP and non-GCP VM backup events within a single GUI. Commander can be configured to add insight via reporting and timely notifications of snapshot events if desired.

The latest GCP VM capability is just one more example of our ongoing advancement of Compass to meet the evolving requirements of the marketplace. Our customers asked for the ability to easily manage scheduling and reporting of their GCP VM snapshots in concert with other backup clients, and we heard them,” said Robert Marett, CTO. “By providing a ‘single pane of glass’ – Compass Commander – for accessing and managing the entire backup landscape, GCP included, Compass is bringing new levels of simplicity, cost and time savings, security, and peace of mind to enterprise data protection.

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