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Cobalt Iron Adds Enterprises Migration Path to SaaS Compass Enterprise Backup

With VTL feature

Cobalt Iron Inc. announced backup with one solution for VTL and enterprise data, a migration program offering savings for enterprise customers purchasing the VTL feature of the company’s Compass enterprise SaaS backup platform.

Cobalt Iron Compass Vtl Scheme 1

The discount program is targeted to customers with deployments of IBM ProtecTIER, scheduled for end of life in November, as well as users of IBM i/iSeries and Dell EMC Data Domain storage systems and any other enterprises using tape-based backup or proprietary VTL appliances. By migrating to Compass with VTL ingest, these customers will receive a 20% discount for 6 months of the backup service.

For enterprises that are looking for a modernized approach, there’s never been a better opportunity to transform their environments with Compass. This program is especially timely for ProtecTIER customers, for whom the clock is ticking on finding a replacement backup solution,” said Andy Hurt, CMO. “By replacing physical and virtual systems – that are siloed and difficult to manage – with a single, unified data protection solution, Compass offers an inclusive tape strategy for both legacy and modern backup operations.

Compass offers ProtecTIER and IBM i/iSeries customers a VTL ingest option for unifying data protection, with flexible deployment that enables them to push a second backup copy to cloud storage. Compass provides cross-cloud replication support, unifies operations with the rest of backup and DR, removes complexities, and boosts operational performance. For IBM users, Compass integrates into existing workflows and maintains the familiar IBM i/iSeries backup functions.

By migrating to Compass with the VTL option, Data Domain customers will be able to reduce their storage costs by up to 60%. It offers integrations with applications including Oracle, MS SQL, SAP HANA, DB2, and others, with high-scaling, performing backup solution available for these applications. And, by unifying operations with the rest of backup and DR, it brings enterprise data discipline to database backup operations and offers generalized reporting for all backup data.

For enterprises in which tape architectures remain relevant or business-critical, Compass offers an opportunity to migrate off tape and reduce storage inefficiencies by more than 40%. Backup and restore operations are faster, and the data footprint is reduced through deduplication. Eliminating physical tape management and replication processes reduces operating expenses, and Compass offers the opportunity to unify VTL processes with enterprise backup management.

Backup with one solution for VTL and enterprise data migration program is available at the company website (registration required).

Cobalt Iron Compass Vtl Scheme 2

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