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Innodisk in Partnership With Avalue Technology for Bringing AIoT to Taipei City Streets

Provides adjustable real-time traffic signal control based on intelligent sensing of traffic flow further improving traffic convenience and safety for vehicles and pedestrians.

Innodisk Corp. announced a partnership with Avalue Technology, Inc., with the goal of bringing AIoT to Taipei City streets.

Innodisk Avalue Innoage Ssd

This radical AIoT solution includes EPS-APL from Avalue and the InnoAGE SSD from the company, and enables AI recognition with smart cameras for object detection, behavior identification, and traffic flow monitoring, all together making traffic easier to manage.

Enabling remote control of dynamic signals control systems
The partnership will enter a project on signal control systems run by the
Taipei City Department of Transportation. The system is enabled by using the InnoAGE SSD, the out-of-band management enabled by the company, and the in-band-management from the Avalue RS2 solution. The IoT infrastructure will thus be equipped with dual band management with more reliable and smarter edge devices. With out-of-band signaling, remote recovery is readily available even for devices that have suffered severe issues such as data corruption and OS failure.

The integrated solution from the 2 companies provides adjustable real-time traffic signal control based on the intelligent sensing of the traffic flow further improving traffic convenience and safety for both vehicles and pedestrians. In short, this solution collects data to conduct computing process and analysis, reducing traffic jams by 10-15% and lowering communication costs by 85%.

Growing AIoT ecosystem
The partnership between Avalue and innodisk is crucial to building AIoT ecosystems. Avalue’s innovative technology is combined with the out-of-band management capabilities of InnoAGE, which is packed with reliable industrial-grade components and technologies, and is carefully designed to meet the strictest of industrial requirements,” said Randy Chien, president, Innodisk. “Together, we create a reliable integrated solution to our global customers.”

As the IoT brings the networks together and closer, the network deployed in different industries and systems becomes more deeply interconnected. The demands on devices deliver powerful data collection, while data security, system management, and remote monitoring become more complex and crucial,said Kevin Lien, VP, Avalue. “Avalue developed the Renity Sentinel 2 integrated Avalue’s software and hardware, and combined with Innodisk InnoAGE to enhance the performance of all remote systems and to promote efficient and reliable operations.

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