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History (1995): Larry Smart, President and CEO, Micropolis

He replaces Stuart P. Mabon.

Larry J. Smart, 47, was not unemployed for long. A few months after he resigned as president and CEO of Maxtor, Micropolis (Chatsworth, CA) offered him the same positions.

He replaces Stuart P. Mabon.

Smart stated:” During my brief tenure as a director, I have been impressed with the company’s technologies and future product opportunities.

But he will have to be on the ball to pull the struggling Micropolis out of the red.

Smart was named CFO of Maxtor in March 1994 and a few weeks later, president and CEO. He replaced Laurence R. Hootnick who resigned from these posts. Smart remains chairman of the board at Southwall Technologies where he served as president and CEO from June 1991 to March 1994.

This article is an abstract of news published on the former paper version of Computer Data Storage Newsletter on issue 91, published on August 1995.


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