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Silicon Motion SM2708 SD Express Controller With Support of SD 8.0 Specs

PCIe Gen3 x2 lanes, NVMe 1.3 compliance, supporting latest 3D NAND, ONFI 4.1/3.0, Toggle 3.0/2.0, frequencies up to 1,200MT/s, and power consumption of 1.5mW

Silicon Motion Technology Corporation announced that its SM2708 SD Express controller solution supports the SD 8.0 spec and backward compatibility to SD 7.1 spec.

Silicon Motion Sm2708 Sd Controller Intro

With PCIe Gen 3 x2 interface and NVMe 1.3, the controller solution is targeted at the advancement of applications with demanding performance levels across a variety of industries enabled by high performance SD Express cards. It supports the latest 3D NAND and features the company’s proprietary NANDXtend ECC technology, internal data path protection, and programmable firmware to maximize reliability and endurance.

Many of the latest high-end cameras and mobile phones are capable of recording video in 8K and require a faster transfer rate,” said Nelson Duann, SVP, marketing and R&D. “With the SM2708 controller now supporting the SD 8.0 spec which nearly triples throughput, applications such as 8K video capture, RAW photography, multi-channel IOT devices, multi-processing automotive storage and other applications requiring ultra-high data speeds are possible.

As SD cards are already widely used by consumer electronics devices, the adoption of SD Express cards will be a seamless experience for most,” said Jordan Zhong, VP, Lexar, a brand of Shenzhen Longsys Electronics Co., Ltd., “Silicon Motion’s SM2708 boasts very impressive R/W speeds, and will lead SD storage media into a new era of higher speed and capacity.

With the rise of user-generated HD content, consumers seek high-performance and high-capacity removable storage to meet their needs,” said Ibsen Chen, product marketing director, Adata Technology Co., Ltd. “The SM2708 with its PCIe Gen 3 x2 interface will offer consumers a new storage option for portable devices that is essentially similar to a mini SSD.

The SM2708 design kit is available and its firmware drives high random performance with industry capabilities, including:

  • Performance PCIe Gen3 x2 lanes, NVMe 1.3 compliance

  • Supports 2 flash channels with 8CE

  • Supports the latest 3D NAND

  • Supports ONFI 4.1/3.0, Toggle 3.0/2.0, frequencies up to 1200MT/s

  • NANDXtend ECC technology: high-performance LDPC ECC engine with RAID

  • Power consumption under 1.5mW

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