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NetApp: Spot Wave and Spot Ocean Support of Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Services

Allows organizations to focus on developing data applications by providing serverless infrastructure for running Apache Spark applications on Kubernetes.

NetApp, Inc. announced the Spot Wave by NetApp, and Spot Ocean‘s support of Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service.

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Together, these products provide customers with solutions for simple, scalable and efficient infrastructure for cloud-native applications.

Wave automates the provisioning, deployment, autoscaling and optimization for running Apache Spark big data applications on Kubernetes in the cloud and helps to reduce cloud waste and costs by up to 90%. Using Wave as a turnkey product, organizations can deploy Spark environments faster and more easily, and focus on putting their data to work knowing that Wave is ensuring their infrastructure is continuously optimized for availability, performance and cost.

Spot Ocean

Netapp Spot Ocean assess

Wave is built on Spot’s AI-based engine, using same technology as Spot Ocean. Wave provides:

  • Cost optimization: Wave runs Spark jobs on containerized infrastructure using an intelligent mix of spot, on-demand and reserved instances, affording customers up to 90% cost savings on cloud infrastructure.

  • Serverless infrastructure and Spark-aware autoscaling: Built-in autoscaling matches the right type and size of compute instances to Spark jobs based on workload requirements to maximize performance and efficiency.

  • Spark job right-sizing and monitoring: Continuously tune Spark configuration for jobs based on analysis of actual Spark job requirements.

Organizations are rapidly adopting Kubernetes to deliver cloud-native applications with greater speed and agility, not only for stateless services but also for big data applications,” said Amiram Shachar, VP and GM, Spot by NetApp. “The necessity for organizations to balance cloud infrastructure cost, performance and availability for optimal efficiency is complex and time-consuming. Spot Wave and Ocean are solving that problem by providing a serverless experience for Spark and ensuring their infrastructure is continuously optimized.

Netapp Wave Diagram Spot Wave Overview

The company also announced that Ocean, Spot’s serverless container engine and the foundation of Spot Wave, now supports Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), adding to its support for AWS ECS (Elastic Container Service) and EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Service), and Google’s GKE (Google Kubernetes Engine).

Wave builds on the capabilities that we love in Ocean, focusing on the specific needs of big data applications,” said Gal Aviv, CTO, Fyber N.V.It will be very powerful to be able to plug Spark applications into Wave. The solution also has the amazing value of executing jobs with existing tools and potentially spin up the right infrastructure to power intensive ML applications.

NetApp and Spot by NetApp have deep histories of involvement and experience in Kubernetes and the Kubernetes community. With ongoing investments in NetApp and Spot by NetApp products for Kubernetes, NetApp provides the solutions and capabilities for application-driven infrastructure and data management needed by companies to run critical cloud-native applications.

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