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Kubesafe: Availability of Kubernetes Backup and BC Software Support for NetApp Storage Systems

For Kubernetes applications using Ontap

Kubesafe Inc. announces the availability of its Kubernetes backup and BC software support for NetApp, Inc.’s storage systems.

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The company brings innovation to backup, cloning, DR, and mobility capabilities to enterprise applications using ONTAP storage running on Kubernetes, Amazon EKS, and Red Hat OpenShift platform without changes to their existing infrastructure.

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Kubesafe, a NetApp Excellerator and founder Friendly Labs start-up, offers a Kubernetes data protection solution that does not require intermediate object storage infrastructure or additional hardware. The company leverages enterprise-proven existing BC solutions like NetApp SnapMirror and Snapshot technologies, enabling customers to leverage investment in existing infrastructure for container applications, saving time, effort, and money.

Kubernetes is becoming ubiquitous as an orchestrator for container applications. With NetApp technologies, it is possible to improve data visibility of cloud-native apps by automating the discovery of applications and application data, cataloging data and backups, reprting on data usage, and provide all this under the umbrella of enterprise security,” said Ravi Chhabria, VP, NetApp.

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The firm uniquely takes an application-centric view of data protection rather than an infrastructure-centric view. It is easy to use, policy-driven, and provides holistic protection for not only application data but also the surrounding artifacts such as code images, services, metAdata: and configuration information. Additionally, Kubesafe enables local and remote backup across the hybrid-cloud, multi-account, and multi-infrastructure environments, thereby increasing customer choice and flexibility.

Businesses are expanding their use of Kubernetes stateful applications, but they lack enterprise data protection,” said Swami, co-founder, Kubesafe. “Now customers will have a way to deploy and move their business-critical application to the new platform with policy-driven data protection, enabling their application owners and tenants to rapidly recover, migrate, and clone applications when necessary,” Swami said.

Kubesafe for standard Kubernetes, Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service, and Red Hat OpenShift environments with NetApp storage system for on-prem and AWS deployment is available.

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About Kubesafe
The company delivers data protection and management for cloud-native applications.It was founded in 2019, is headquartered in Cupertino, CA.